Une femme de 36 ans allaite son petit ami 12 fois par jour, attendez de voir le pire…

36-year-old woman breastfeeds her boyfriend 12 times a day, wait until you see the worst…

What wouldn’t we do for love? Breastfeed her boyfriend maybe? Well, guess what, no. It may seem unlikely to you, but an American woman claims to breastfeed her partner in order to “strengthen their relationship”. And you will see that she is not the only one to indulge in this not very unusual and not without risk practice.

“A magical bond that only breastfeeding could allow”

In 2016, the tabloid The Sun reported the story of this mother of a family residing in Atlanta, Jennifer Mufford. Â36 years old at the time, without taboo, the latter says that every two hours, she leaves her job to breastfeed her bodybuilder boyfriend with her own breast milk.

This is commonly referred to as an “adult nursing relationship”. In the columns of the newspaper, the American had notably declared that she and her companion both wanted the same thing in a relationship, in this case “a magical bond that only breastfeeding could allow. »

The beginning of their love story

When she discovered this practice through a website, Jennifer Mufford was a single mother and it had been 20 years since she last gave birth. According to her secrets, she knew she was going to love him. And for good reason, when she makes love, she loves more than anything else that we touch her breasts. All she needed was to find the perfect partner who would agree to the idea of ​​having an adult breastfeeding relationship.

To do this, she registered on dating sites and forums. Then her choice fell on her former high school boyfriend, Brad Leeson, after he confided in her that he particularly liked women with large breasts. Her confidence made, neither one nor two, Jennifer spoke to her about adult breastfeeding. Like her before, Brad then in turn inquired about this practice and obviously, he was not against it.

How do they proceed?

Being both open to adult breastfeeding, an obstacle had yet presented itself to the lovebirds. Indeed, Jennifer no longer produced breast milk since she had not breastfed for 20 years. Therefore, she was unable to breastfeed Brad.

To remedy this, the couple was not short of ideas. Thus, to induce lactation, Jennifer stimulated her breasts by using a breast pump to feign her body that she was pregnant. Also, her companion suckled her breasts dry. Not to mention that the mother of the family took special teas and herbal pills to promote milk production. Note that they engage in this practice 12 times a day.

The reactions

As you might expect, their story has caused a lot of buzz. Initially, many believed it to be a hoax, but much to their regret, it was not. The media picked it up en masse, prompting numerous reactions of astonishment and indignation.

“This page shows how incredibly bizarre human life is”, “When you think you’ve seen everything”, “Please tell me it’s fake”, could we read in particular on the Web .

Regarding nursing mothers, they are particularly offended by this practice of “adult breastfeeding relationship”. Among other things, they believe that this “sexualizes” breastfeeding and therefore hinders their struggle to normalize breastfeeding in public. But for Jennifer, breastfeeding is a practice that she can never do in a place where there are people, even if her companion would not be against the idea. She asserts:

“If it was up to Brad, we would, but it’s very private to me. I believe in never saying never, but I love the time we share alone. It’s our moment as a couple away from the rest of the world, and I look forward to each breastfeeding.”

Source : Pexels

A not very unusual practice

As we said before, Jennifer Mufford is far from being the only follower of this practice called in France erotic lactation or “milk fetishism”. Moreover, on the Web, various blogs, pages, sites and forums are devoted to it.

One of them, Bountiful Fruits, is run by a woman named Jennifer Maiden. Mother and Christian, the latter is followed by more than 30,000 people. On her site, Jennifer Maiden, who started breastfeeding her husband 14 years after the birth of her son, promulgates advice to other adult breastfeeding enthusiasts. She also shares her own experience. According to his confidences:

“Most people see it as a nurturing and sensual experience. We are spending more time together in every aspect of our daily lives. It played an important beneficial role in our marriage. »

And according to a certain Daisy Gray on the blog AdultBreastFeedingjourney, in this practice, “there is eroticism involved because breastfeeding an adult is still a taboo in mainstream society. Then she adds that the main thing for her is that someone depends on her person for something that only she can produce.

“Something that comes directly from my body, feeding them and causing this warm, confused feeling. »

On a site dedicated to submission, another woman said:

“I was dying for it and I was too impatient that [mon mari] come home from work so we can have our little time together. Unsurprisingly, that thirst has done wonders for my libido. »

Not without risks

So, in most cases, adult breastfeeding is for many to initiate a way to spice up their sex life. From now on, a question arises: is it good for the health of adults to consume breast milk? Well, the answer is no. According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, it could even be harmful. And according to a researcher at Queen Mary University of London, Sarah Steel, breast milk would only have placebo effects. And concerning breast milks marketed on the net, consuming them can present risks of infectious diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis or HIV.

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