Amel Bent : ce bracelet électronique avec lequel elle va être forcée de vivre !

Amel Bent: this electronic bracelet with which she will be forced to live!

The decision taken by the Nanterre Court of Appeal relieves Amel Bent. She learns that her companion Patrick Antonelli will finally return to her, after almost two months in Nanterre prison.

The convictions of Amel Bent’s husband

In 2020, Amel Bent’s husband had already been sentenced to four years in prison, with two suspended. Added to this was a fine of 100,000 euros for corruption and money laundering. All this in a story of driver’s license fraud. In this case he was not alone, agents from the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture accompanied him. After this conviction, he wanted to appeal. Thanks to this, he was able to avoid prison.

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While he therefore had to avoid prison, the judge decided to imprison Amel Bent’s husband in the Nanterre remand center in the Hauts-de-Seine, Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

On March 8, the Nanterre criminal court sentenced him to 15 months in prison for a fraud case. The judge declares it guilty of the illegal exercise of security guard as well as fraud and extractions of state aid. The government gives this aid to compensate for the loss of activity, when it had no right to have it.

As soon as the judge rendered his verdict, the culprit appealed. As Amel Bent was pregnant with their third children, he was able to attend the birth of his child and stay with his family for a few days before going to prison at the beginning of May.

Conditional liberation

It’s a good summer looming for Amel Bent, who will be able to see her husband return home. It seems that he can get out of prison, a news that is particularly pleasing to the young mother. Justice has separated the family since May. Finally yesterday, the Parisian announces that her husband will be released from prison, but not without conditions. It was the Versailles Court of Appeal that made the decision to release Amel Bent’s husband.

She still sentenced him to eight months in prison with the wearing of an electronic bracelet. This decision relieves the lawyer as well as the entourage of the detainee who will finally return to an almost normal life. His lawyer assures that “the detention had no justification” and that “My client was acquitted on almost all the offenses”. In addition to this sentence, he is strictly prohibited from practicing an activity related to surveillance or guarding for a period of three years. He will therefore no longer be able to ensure the safety of his wife.

Until then, he ensured the safety of Amel Bent without having the necessary approvals. Despite this, this is very good news for Amel Bent and his family. They will once again benefit from being reunited together. After the birth of their last child, it is precisely the moment when the father of the family must be there although he has already missed the first two months of his son. At least he was able to witness his birth. In addition, he will be able to stay with his wife and children if he correctly respects the bracelet he has on his ankle. As long as you don’t do anything stupid again.

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