Bonetto, Riviera and Lucchesi qualified for the 3rd round in all serenity against the triplet Suzan 13 to 3.

Bonetto, Riviera and Lucchesi qualified for the 3rd round in all serenity against the triplet Suzan 13 to 3.


Little suspense in this part of the 2nd round of the Mondial la Marseillaise à pétanque. Mickaël Bonetto, David Riviera and Pierre Lucchesi were serious and diligent in getting rid of the Suzan, Herz and Boulagnian team.

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

A good point from David Riviera causes two missed shots from José Suzan. We are getting closer to the end of this part. The outsider team of this part will play its six balls without ever taking the point. Mickaël Bonetto perfectly hits the opponent’s ball which was in the field of play. It is Pierre Lucchesi who is responsible for closing the game, and the perfectly regular midfielder in this match makes a good shot and a high quality point. Victory 13 to 3 for Bonetto, Riviera and Lucchesi who will meet in the 3rd round.

José Suzan has shown us some very nice things since the start of the game. Undoubtedly, the most seasoned player on his team, but the weight of the pressure is really too heavy for this player triplet without too much experience. Jérôme Herz attempts his first shot of the game and it is a little too short. While the Suzan team is in difficulty, Anthony Boulagnian limits the damage with a perfectly played boule. Mickaël Bonetto makes the decision to shoot but he is unhappy because after hitting the right ball, he is the victim of a counter which marks his own point. Lucchesi misses a shot but saves the lead by scoring a point. 10 to 3 for the Bonetto triplet.

The goal is 8.50 meters away and the shooters Mika Bonetto and José Suzan do not miss the target. On the other hand, both Boulagnian and Herz are not in the game. As a result, it is a lead that should pay off for David Riviera and his friends. Thanks to a good application, the Bonetto team scores four points and takes the lead 9 to 3.

The stopper is sent more than nine meters and this disrupts Anthony Boulagnian’s first ball. The pointer from Roquevaire, who is taking part in the Marseillaise for the first time, recovers on the second ball and forces Mickaël Bonetto who has to work twice to clear the point from his opponents. It was very hot in Parc Borély when José Suzan punched his last ball which did not affect the course of the game. Two more points for the Bonetto team which could have scored more. 5-3 for the favorites after three ends.

A very good point from David Riviera forced José Suzan to shoot twice, with a failure in the first. For his part, that’s it Mickaël Bonetto really got into his sniper suit with a diamond and a puck for the member of the France team. Pierrot Lucchesi is also in the right tempo and the Bonetto-Riviera-Lucchesi triplet scores three points to equalize at 3-3.

This first lead allows us to see that in petanque, anything can happen. You take a ball missed by Mika Bonetto, another by Pierre Lucchesi, you add a solid game to the point by Anthony Boulagnian and a diamond on the spot from the left-handed shooter José Suzan, that gives you three points in the first act. 3-0 for the triplet Suzan a bit to everyone’s surprise.

It’s a game a priori quite unbalanced which will start on the Carré France 3 under an oppressive heat. But after discussing with the players of the Suzan triplet, “playing without pressure and taking your time”, will be one of the most important elements in this game against Mickaël Bonetto, very recent French champion in mixed doublets.

The little Prince” Mickaël Bonetto is back in a garden he knows well, the France 3 square for the 2nd round of this 61st edition of the Mondial la Marseillaise. Whoever is chasing his first star here in Marseille is playing with his partner who is always the pointer David Riviera, and this year, for the first time with midfielder Pierre Lucchesi.

After a rather quiet start this morning, the Provençaux will be opposed this afternoon to a “family” team from the Roquevaire region, formed by José Suzan, Jérôme Herz and Anthony Boulagnian.

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