Florent Pagny lutte pour sa vie : les toutes dernières nouvelles de son cancer et sa santé

Florent Pagny fights for his life: the latest news about his cancer and his health

The year 2022 is a year that Florent Pagny and his fans are unlikely to forget. Just days after celebrating the New Year, on January 25, the singer made a “special announcement”. Since then, many have wondered about the progress of the singer’s fierce fight against his inoperable tumor. We tell you more.

How is he ?

Through a video posted on Instagram, Aël and Inca’s dad revealed that he has lung cancer. Therefore, he was forced to cancel his 60th birthday tour to be able to undergo the necessary treatments. For good reason, Florent Pagny has started chemotherapy which lasts several months.

According to the latest confidences of the star, everything went well. In another video published recently, the interpreter of “Anything” has, in fact, reassured that he only had chemo left. In other words, he was doing much better. Of course, Florent did not forget to thank the doctors for taking care of him during this battle.

He also made a point of mentioning his “half” and his children who were of great support for the coach of “The Voice”. Florent Pagny also thanked his fans who have not stopped sending him messages of love since the discovery of his cancer.

A strong and brave man

If the musician seems to be doing quite well now, he admitted to having encountered difficulties during his chemotherapy.

“Yes, I experienced this period when you don’t want anything, you don’t have the peach, you have the heart on the edge of your lips,” he confided.

A heartache that lasted “twelve days”, according to him. However, these difficulties seem to be behind the singer now since in the columns of Gala, shortly before the finale of “The Voice”, Aël’s dad revealed that he was coming out of the tunnel.

Optimistic as he is, Florent Pagny prefers to keep the positive points of this disease. For him, his cancer allowed him to redefine his “sense of priority”. Today, therefore, he has only one hurry, it is to completely heal from this malaise in order to turn the page.

It must be said that Florent Pagny has been very positive since his battle against his cancer. While fans are worried about his state of health, the singer continues to reassure them. The same day he announced his illness, the musician had already been confident and promised his fans to return to the stage once this ordeal was over.

This shows how the ex-companion of Vanessa Paradis is optimistic, strong and courageous.

His health is improving

As soon as Florent Pagny’s cancer was made public, several people wanted to know its origin. Several of them also think that the musician’s addiction to cigarettes has something to do with it.

Recall that in 2016, the darling of Azucena had also confided to being dependent on soft drugs. This stabilized him when he was younger according to his words. Then, Florent Pagny had also mentioned at the time being addicted to alcohol. He even “ended up in the hospital” for this reason.

However, it is not known so far whether Florent’s lung cancer has a relationship with these addictions. What is certain in any case is that his health is gradually improving. Here in particular revealed that after “two months of intensive treatment”, the tumor which was in the body of Florent Pagny would have decreased in size.

For her part, the singer’s former protege in “The Voice”, Anne Sila, also reassured Purepeople that the coach of “The Voice” would be fine. According to her, this ordeal will especially weld even more the couple of the singer and his wife Azucena.

The two have been together since 1993, but only married in 2006. Together, the couple had two wonderful children: Inca, who was born on March 17, 1996, and Aël, born on May 26, 1999. L he eldest is very interested in street art and lives in the United States, while the youngest is passionate about photography. She also lives in America like her brother.

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