«Nous avons abîmé notre amour par égo mal placé»: Harry Roselmack confirme et détaille sa séparation avec sa femme Chrislaine

Harry Roselmack confirms and details his separation from his wife Chrislaine


The journalist and presenter of “Sept à Huit” on TF1 formalizes, on Instagram, his separation from Chrislaine which occurred in 2017 after sixteen years of marriage and three children.

He is usually discreet about his private life. But exceptionally, on this Saturday, July 2, Harry Roselmack speaks on his Instagram account to confirm his separation from his wife, announced by the latter a few hours earlier. “Chrislaine having made our separation public, I make an exception via my social networks“, he explains. “Like many things in this world, love is born, evolves, sometimes dies. This is how a love story can evolve to the point where it is considered to be over. Ours to Chrislaine and I had a major turning point in January 2017 when our separation took place“, he continues. The couple married in 2001.

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Harry and Chrislaine Roselmack, parents of three children (Omaya, Yanaëlle and Leroy, aged 15, 14 and 12) seem to be on good terms today. “We have certainly damaged our love, without any physical or verbal violence, but by selfishness, disappointments, in short by misplaced ego. Nevertheless, there are still the beautiful things that have been lived together and which maintain a bond when we do not forget them in the pain of separation and the difficulty of divorce.“, says the presenter of “Seven to Eight” on TF1. For her part, in her message, Chrislaine pays tribute to “the man of her life» and thanks him «for all he was, for all he is“. And to add:I thank him for our children, our jewels. I’m proud to have been by his side all these years.».

“There will undoubtedly be the temptation for some to know more about our lives today…”

Harry Roselmack

Harry Roselmack’s message will undoubtedly surprise since at the end, he decides to thank the people press “and some of his photographers” that he knows “For fifteen yearss». «Twitnessing my presence at public events without Chrislaine for the past five years, they have not released any images, published anythingreveals the former presenter of the JT of TF1. Our biggest fear as parents to Chrislaine and I is that our children will have to suffer from this kind of publications in addition to the facts themselves, which are necessarily complicated for them to manage. So thank you for this mark of respect.“, he expresses again before specifying:”Now there will undoubtedly be the temptation for some to know more, about our lives today for example. I warn that, in the same concern for the protection of my privacy that has guided me so far, any dissemination of information concerning me that I deem too intrusive will be likely to be the subject of legal proceedings.».

Harry and Chrislaine Roselmack’s last public appearance dates back to May 2018, on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. The nursing assistant by profession had played a small role in the film by the journalist called Fractures and released in 2017.

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