LIVE - Tour de France: Groenewegen sprints ahead of van Aert, who consolidates his yellow jersey

LIVE – Tour de France: Groenewegen sprints ahead of van Aert, who consolidates his yellow jersey


Sagan angry with van Aert

Fourth in the stage, the triple world champion considers that the yellow jersey closed the door to him in the last meters.


The Dutch rider narrowly won the sprint! The van Aert yellow jersey takes second place from Philipsen on the line. Long in the game, Sagan fails at the foot of the podium. The Slovak is mad with rage.

1 km – Red flame!

The peloton enters the last kilometer of this third stage!

2 km – A frantic pace

The peloton takes risks in town! All the main leaders and team members are present.

4 km – Team members at full speed

The Quickstep is riding strong at the front of the pack for Jakobsen. The DSM is also present in the top positions.

6 km – Major operations begin

This accelerated strongly at the front of the peloton under the impetus of the sprinter teams. The end of this third stage is fast approaching.

8 km – Ciccone delayed

The Italian is part of a group of runners who were slowed down by the fall. Gilbert and Uran were also delayed.

10 km – Fall on the cobblestones!

Several runners are down on a small section of cobblestones! Everyone finally got up but some men were delayed in the operation.

14 km – We enter the final packaging

Still engaged on long straight lines, the peloton rushes towards Sønderborg where the finish line is drawn.

18 km – Burgaudeau talks about the contribution of Sagan

“When he talks everyone listens to him, he’s a champion, explains the TotalEnergies runner at the microphone of FranceTV. He has a certain charisma that makes you want to listen to him. He brings a lot to everyone. That can’t be to be beneficial, he brings a lot through his professionalism. All the runners walk hard, it’s no coincidence, we want to do well”.

19 km – Bouet fell

The French rider went to the ground on the side of the road but was able to get off quickly. He is unhooked from the peloton, which should no longer slow down the pace.

22 km – No movement in the peloton

Several teams are riding abreast at the head of the peloton about twenty kilometers from the finish. The sprinters are back at the forefront.

27 km – No problem for Bagioli

The Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team rider quickly finds his place in the peloton after a puncture. He will be able to work for Jakobsen, winner yesterday, in the final.

33 km – The still serious peloton

No movement at the head of the race on Danish roads. The pace is sustained, without being unbearable either. Serious things should start in the next few minutes.

38 km – van Aert at the aid station

The yellow jersey went down to his car to take something to cool off, proof that the final victory takes precedence over the stage for the Jumbo-Visma. The peloton maintains a high pace, during this time.

43 km – van der Poel throws himself onto the cobbles

Questioned by FranceTV at the start of the race, Mathieu van der Poel intends to work in the final to help his sprinter, while wanting to remain placed in the general classification. “If I can help Jasper (Philippsen)… It’s important for me, because at the moment I’m not there too much, explains the runner Alpecin-Deceuninck. I want to stay like this until Roubaix. It could be a great opportunity to do something. You never know what will happen, you have to believe in it”.

48km – Puncture for Powless

The American rider is at a standstill on the right of the road after a puncture, his second of the day. He is not expected by his teammates, for the moment.

50 km – The peloton accelerates

Big change of pace at the head of the race. On narrow roads, the peloton stretches. 50 kilometers from the finish, the final sprint is already being prepared.

52 km – Breakaway complete!

The peloton returns to the local Cort Nielsen, who managed the essentials by winning the 3 points at stake today in the classification of the best climber. The EF Education-EasyPost runner reinforces his polka dot jersey.

55 km – The leading man gets up

More than 50 seconds ahead for Magnus Cort Nielsen, who has finished his work for this stage. He should be caught by the peloton in the next few kilometers.

58 km – Full card for Cort Nielsen

In the sprint, the Danish rider unsurprisingly crossed the Genner Strand hill in the lead and pocketed a third point this Sunday for the mountain classification. He now has 6 units and should get up in the next few kilometers, since his lead is only 1’15.

62 km – Last ascent in sight

The leading man is a few hectometres from the foot of the Genner Strand hill, classified in the fourth category. Cort Nielsen is about to take the last point in play today, and thus consolidate his polka dot jersey.

68 km – The peloton in control

Step still calm. Alone in the lead from the beginning, Magnus Cort Nielsen continues his solo number. Now 1’25” ahead of the peloton. We’re heading straight for a massive sprint in 68 kilometers.

75 km – A little respite for Magnus Cort

Come on, the peloton has obviously decided not to take Magnus Cort Nielsen back right away. The gap increased to 1’47” with the Dane from the EF Education-EasyPost team.

82 km – The gap is seriously reduced

Magnus Cort Nielsen’s solo adventure should soon be coming to an end. More than a minute ahead for the leading man 82 kilometers from the finish. In the peloton, Van Aert’s Jumbo-Visma took matters into their own hands.

90 km – Van Aert Engrange

If he has the yellow jersey on his shoulders for the moment, Wout Van Aert is above all aiming for the green jersey on this Tour. This morning, he was one point ahead of Fabio Jakobsen in this ranking. Passed in 2nd position in the intermediate sprint of Christianfeld, the Belgian takes 17 points more. Jakobsen is 3rd and collects 15 points.

Bardet wants to arrive in France “in one piece”

Pointed in 36th place overall, 46 seconds behind the yellow jersey Wout van Aert, Romain Bardet had a rather quiet start to the Tour. He confided in RMC this morning.

“It’s ok for now, we can consider ourselves lucky as long as we don’t crash. We have three riders who crashed but without too much damage. The atmosphere is magnificent here in Denmark, we see that the real party popular is back. I try to live this Tour day by day, we will try to return to France in one piece. We are also trying to be careful with regard to the Covid, it remains a sword of Damocles above the head, we put on the mask as much as possible”, explained the French climber from the DSM training.

99 km – One more point for the polka dot jersey

The Dane Magnus Cort Nielsen consolidates his status as leader of the best climber classification. Passing in the lead of the Hejlsminde Strand climb (4th category), he pocketed one more point. All that’s left to do is pick it up today. He will still have the polka dot jersey tomorrow.

100 km – Cort Nielsen still alone in front

100 kilometers from the finish, Magnus Cort Nielsen is still not worried. Warmly applauded by the crowd from the start, the Dane relishes. He is 3’55” ahead of a peloton that is not panicking.

112 km – Status quo in the lead

Magnus Cort Nielsen is having fun this Sunday. The Dane continues to pave the way for the third and final stage scheduled in Denmark. The peloton is clocked in at 3’45”.

Turgis gives an update after his fall

Victim of a heavy fall during the second stage of the Tour de France, Anthony Turgis gave his news this morning to RMC: “It’s better than Saturday, I had x-rays and there is nothing broken. We tried to relax the muscles. We’ll see how the stage will be today. I hope it will start slowly to warm up the muscles gradually. At the start, having a rest day from Monday is not necessarily what I liked the most. In the end, it’s good for me.”

For the moment, the French rider from TotalEnergies is warm in the peloton.

125 km – The peloton returns

The Magnus Cort Nielsen polka dot jersey entered Kolding 3’35” ahead of the peloton. The sprinter teams are in management.

Will we see borders?

“In the last 40 kilometers, if the wind continues to pick up a little, why not see edges on exposed parts. We could have a little animation”, explains Jérôme Coppel, consultant RMC Sport.

>> The Tour is live on RMC

136 km – The gap narrows slightly

Still alone at the head of the race, Magnus Cort Nielsen now has a 4’24” lead over a masterful peloton. The leading man covered 39.7 kilometers in the first hour of the race.

Cort Nielsen, a solid CV

From the top of his 29 years, Magnus Cort Nielsen presents a sacred prize list. Before taking the polka dot jersey, the Danish rider notably raised his arms during the 15th stage of the Tour de France 2018, and won six stages on the Vuelta (two in 2016, one in 2020 and three in 2021). It also has two stages on Paris-Nice.

The peloton lets Cort Nielsen slip away

Without forcing, the Danish rider from Education First is widening the gap with a very quiet peloton at the back. Cort Nielse now has a 6’22 lead with 155 km to go.

Cort Nielsen takes the margin with the peloton

The peloton does not want to launch major explanations from the first kilometers. He thus leaves room for Magnus Cort Nielsen who, without forcing, has widened a gap of 4’45 in advance at 167 km from the finish.

Cort Nielsen came out of the peloton to do the mountain points

A fugitive is to be identified from the first kilometers of the race. Holder of the polka dot jersey, Magnus Cort Nielsen took advantage of the first few meters to escape in view of the side of Koldingvej in order to consolidate his place as leader of this classification. The Dane (Education First) is 1’40 ahead of the peloton with 175 km to go.

The fictitious start has been given

The last stage in Denmark of this Tour 2022 will soon start. The fictitious start was given under a beautiful sun.

The point on the general classification

1/ Wout van Aert (BEL/Jumbo) 4h49:50.

2/ Yves Lampaert (BEL/DEC) 1 second away.

3/ Tadej Pogacar (SLO / UAE) at 8 seconds.

4/ Filippo Ganna (ITA/INE) at 11 seconds.

5/ Mads Pedersen (DEN / TRE) at 12 seconds.

22/ Benjamin Thomas (FRA / COF) at 35 seconds.

How Alaphilippe learned he was deprived of the Tour

He is the big absentee from this Tour de France 2022. For his second season with the world champion jersey, Julian Alaphilippe is not participating in the Tour de France. If the suspense lasted for many weeks, Patrick Lefevere, his manager at Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl, felt that his rider had not recovered enough from his heavy fall that occurred two months ago in Liège-Bastogne-Liège to be able to perform on the Big loop.

The 3rd stage seen by Guimard, watch out for the wind?

This Sunday, the third and final stage in Denmark for the Tour de France 2022. For this coastal stage, the wind could play an important role according to our consultant Cyrille Guimard.

The formidable revival of Fabio Jakobsen

In a second stage finally without the announced curbs, Fabio Jakobsen won on Saturday at Nyborg after a perfectly managed massive sprint. Second in the stage, Wout Van Aert took the yellow jersey from Yves Lampaert thanks to bonuses.

Headliner of the world sprint, Jakobsen is the man to watch closely on this Tour de France for the sprints. However, everything could have stopped on the Tour of Poland 2020 for the Dutchman after a violent fall which plunged him into a coma and forced multiple operations. Two years later, the Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl racer is relishing his rebirth.

Hi there !

The day after Fabio Jakobsen’s victory, the third stage of the Tour de France between Vejle and Sönderborg, the last in Denmark, should once again smile on a sprinter. To follow live commented on RMC Sport (and on the radio on RMC!). The runners will start at 1:15 p.m. (real start).

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