RM parle de la formation de BTS

RM Talks About BTS’s Upbringing, Career, And More KpopHit


On June 28, BTS’ RM spoke with Marc Spiegler during the podcast ‘Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast’.

During the episode, BTS’s leader talked about BTS’s formation, their rise to the top, and other topics.

RM always wanted to become a rapper like Eminem. However, due to Big Hit’s financial problems at the time, Bang PD decided to form an idol group. On this subject, the rapper explained:

“I just wanted to join an underground label in Korea, so I sent my profile, my music, and I was accepted. But the final test was to have a real performance with musicians. I was only 16 and I forgot the lyrics on stage. I was so nervous, so I missed myself”.

RM Talks About BTS's Formation, Career, And More

He then revealed that rapper Sleepy witnessed his failure, and despite laughing at his mistake, he contacted him afterwards on behalf of BIGHIT Entertainment, telling him that Bang Si Hyuk was looking for young talents like him.

RM Talks About BTS's Formation, Career, And More

He added : “I was the first member of BTS. Actually, Bang Si Hyuk, our CEO, started the group with me. We started as a trainee and there were over 30 people competing to be part of the BTS training, but most of them left.”


On the success of BTS, RM said: “It’s not just enthusiasm and energy. ARMYs really do things for us. For example, they send letters to American radios asking them to play our songs on the radio because it counts a lot on the Billboard charts.

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RM said being in the middle of it all is really weird, but he was able to use the artwork to help keep him calm at this point in BTS’s career. Elaborating on how he got more involved in art, RM shared: “That was in 2018, so four years ago. I actually had a lot of time when we were touring America or Europe.”

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While he spent most of that free time in his hotel room, RM said that boredom led him to start seeing tourist spots.

He continued: “The first place [que j’ai visité] was the art institute of chicago, and it was 2018. i just went there and saw the amazing paintings they had”, describing his excitement at seeing works by legendary artists like Seurat, Monet and Picasso. for the first time.

He continued: “This first experience really interested me and I had many opportunities to visit all the famous museums as I was still in Paris, New York and LA.”

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On his career he said: “I am 29 years old in Korea. When you’re 30, it’s still young, I’m still just a young man, but in the boy band world, being 30 is something different. It’s really sad, but it’s a fact. »

RM continued: “I want to be able to make music like the timeless works of art that I admire. »


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