the new version of the France 2 game is a hit on Twitter, delighted Internet users (VIDEO)

the new version of the France 2 game is a hit on Twitter, delighted Internet users (VIDEO)


This Saturday evening, Fort Boyard made its big comeback on France 2 for an evening full of twists and turns! New tests, new rules and supercharged candidates, so many things that have convinced fans of the show.

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It’s summer ! But how do you know? No, not thanks to the FΓͺte de la Musique, but rather by watching the TV program: Fort Boyard is indeed back on France 2 ! The public service adventure game was launching this Saturday sa 33e season with many new features. Without the tigers – replaced by 3D animated animals that took several months to develop – but with several never-before-seen footage that program aficionados celebrated on social media.

The strengths of Father Fouras

One of the main novelties, it’s the arrival of Father Fouras’ assets! These cards, there are nine in total, for the 9 upcoming issues, allow the master of the fort to generate specific rules. A method to revive the interest of Fort Boyard through the weeks, and which promises many surprises. This Saturday, the candidates did not have the right to shout too loudly, but other assets await us in the next episodes, such as the cursed candidate, who must do tests until he succeeds in having a key. In addition, viewers were able to see Cyril Ferraud, who was making his big comeback as part of the clearing of the fort. The host of Slam came back very disheveled like a snub to Father Fouras who had put him away in the closet! Finally, we also saw the return of Willy Rovelli, who becomes the head of the prison and terrorizes the candidates. Something to convince after two years of hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cyril Ferraud et Willy Rovelli

So many new features that delighted Fort Boyard fans, who warmly welcomed this new formula on Twitter. Willy’s character stays that way one of the favorites of Internet usersmost the appearance of Cyril Ferraud from the depths of the bowels of the fort also reacted. And faced with the impressive and sticky tests of the game, many viewers have wished good luck to the candidates, especially when the test of the sheriff’s tastings arrived. This Saturday, we were able to count on the presence of Elie Semoun, Marie infiltrates or Gabin Tomasino, the actor of the film Ducobu President!.

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