Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook et LeBron James, peuvent s'appuyer sur le passif du King avec le meneur des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, pour garder espoir

The two big tracks of the Lakers in case of failure for Kyrie Irving


According to US insiders, discussions between Nets and Lakers have accelerated in recent hours about a Kyrie Irving trade. However, the Angelinos would have already planned two great alternatives if this case were to prove unsuccessful!

Is a new superstar about to land in Los Angeles? It is in any case the wish of the Lakers, who would like not to renew the disappointing trio of last year. Indeed, after the failure of the Big Three composed of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell WestbrookRob Pelinka and his deputies still hope to separate from the leader. And why not attract another, a priori more compatible.

For several weeks, the Angelinos leaders have therefore been active on the file Kyrie Irving. After believing they could enlist it via a simple mid-level exception, the only solution available to them remains a trade. The exchanges with the Nets are therefore moving in this direction in recent days, but could still fall apart. Fortunately, the LA front office has obviously planned everything.

The Lakers on two shooters to forget Kyrie?

Despite positive developments between the two franchises this Saturday, Nets and Lakers will still have to settle several disagreements before validating this deal centered on Kyrie. In case the front offices could not agree, that of the Purple & Gold is preparing other options. Dave McMenamin was precisely responsible for bringing them back to the set of NBA todaystarting with the one leading to an old target:

If the negotiations for Kyrie do not succeed, the Lakers have already prepared plans that they hope to be able to execute to bring back outside address to this roster. It could be thanks to a veteran like Buddy Hield, who they almost signed last year on Draft Day. Moreover, Indiana has just traded Malcolm Brogdon, and could be called upon to make other moves in the days to come.

Already tracked by the Lakers last summer, Hield had seen his place stolen by… Russell Westbrook. He could therefore be brought to replace the Brodie in the City of Angels in a few weeks, only if Irving does not do it for him. Unless it’s another experienced sniper who takes care of it for him:

It could also be Eric Gordon from Houston. These guys aren’t Kyrie Irving, of course, but they’re players the Lakers consider accessible and who could strengthen their team.

Anomaly in the young workforce of the Rockets, Gordon and his 33 years could leave Texas in the event of a good offer. This could therefore arrive from Los Angeles, but not only. Several other top teams, including the 76ers, would also be interested in his profile. Suffice to say that the task could also prove to be delicate!

Rather well launched, the Kyrie Irving file is still far from having rendered a favorable verdict for the Lakers. Instead of avoiding disillusionment, the Angelinos therefore imagine the worst, and target two renowned gunners. Reinforcements that won’t hurt either!

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