"There is a before and after "Drag Race France", that's for sure", assures Lova Ladiva, eliminated from the show

“There is a before and after “Drag Race France”, that’s for sure”, assures Lova Ladiva, eliminated from the show


His lilting accent will no longer resonate in the Workshop. Lova Ladiva was eliminated at the end of the second episode of Drag Race France, broadcast Saturday on the second channel and online since Thursday on france.tv. The Toulousaine bowed to Soa de Muse during the lipsync – the playback test – on All the women in your life L5s. The earthy artist looks back on her journey to 20 Minutes.

Before you left the show, you said how important it was to you to represent old-school drag. How would you define it?

It’s a drag old school. It’s a way of putting on makeup, a way of being, of behaving. We grew up with nightclubs. Three quarters of my career have been spent there. The new drags have a culture Drag Race. Me, it’s a little different, I grew up with the first drags, from the 1980s and 1990s, with Let Me Be a Drag Queen des Sisters Queen…

You also mentioned ankylosing spondylitis, a disease that affects the joints and the spine, from which you suffer. Did you want to set an example for people who are affected by it?

I also wanted to give hope. In times of crisis, we panic completely, we are not well and we tell ourselves that it will block us from doing things. All in all, you have to know how to live with your pathology to be able to get out of it. It is very important for me to deliver this message, especially since it is a disease about which very little is said. There are artists like me who are affected by it. We learn to work with it. If we try to counter or forget the disease, unfortunately, it catches up with us too quickly.

What is your best memory of “Drag Race France”?

I would say the meeting with Nicky Doll and with my nine sisters from the show. And also the first runway [défilé], when you hear the music and say to yourself, “That’s it, we’re there!” “. We feel stressed, proud. I’m happy with what I did, I’m part of the first season of Drag Race France. It’s not nothing when you’re a drag queen, whether you’ve been doing this for twenty years or two years. It is the realization of something.

The first episode was watched by nearly a million people on France 2, does that change anything for you?

there is a before and an after Drag Race, for sure ! I was personally not very attached to the number of people who followed me on social networks and I did not post much. I started with the advice of Kam Hugh and it is with great pleasure that I discover a lot of people, fans of the show, people who say they are touched by me. I am contacted from Brazil, Spain, Italy, the United States, England… I receive, like my comrades, messages from all over the world. It warms the heart. It is gratifying to see that these people find themselves a little bit in us.

I know you won’t tell me who you wanted to play in the Snatch Game event, but what were your B plans?

My alternatives were Maïté and Laurence Boccolini.

Where can we applaud you next?

I will be on July 8 at the Bitch Party in Paris. I will debrief on my journey and I will do two performances to show everyone that my performance at the talent show of Drag Race France is not a reference for me (laughs). Other dates will be fixed but I am waiting for them to be confirmed. In Toulouse, I will often perform at the La Pinata bar-restaurant.

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