Alessandra Sublet : c'est la fin, son message d'adieu déchirant à la télévision

Alessandra Sublet: this is the end, her heartbreaking farewell message on television

Last April, Alessandra Sublet closed a relevant chapter in her life at the helm of the program, Canteloup. It was a shock for everyone to learn of the departure of this beautiful parody show host! Last Friday, she said she was leaving the media world for good. In other words, she thinks of making a total cross on her prestigious career. For this, she wanted to give a memorable farewell to her fans and viewers. We tell you the facts!

Alessandra Sublet: She prepared a very moving speech for the audience!

The 45-year-old young woman known for being the emblematic image of the C’est Canteloup program on TF1 has decided to take early retirement. Why such a hasty decision? While Alessandra Sublet is not old enough to have to leave! In addition, she has forged a great professional career for several years. We note that she is already in her 20 years of exploits on television and all the ratings appreciate it for its true values !

Only, this does not prevent Alessandra Sublet from having already taken this initiative for a long time. To mark her final departure this Friday, July 01, she decided to give a solemn goodbye to her fans. Hence the reason why she made her last appearance on screen with a very touching speech dedicated to her audience! Wear his heart on his sleeve, she said, “20 years! Tonight is the last time you will see me on your small screen but how can you not thank you for all these years…”

Back on his long journey on the small screen!

Like demonstrating her gratitude to viewers, Alessandra Sublet also wanted to share with them one last time his beautiful memoriesof youth. It is worth noting that this antenna presenter devoted a good time of her life to the public. Once she left college to enter the working world, she immediately served the media community. The host saw her first success with the TF1 team!

Then, Alessandra Sublet continued with Canal+, M6, France 5, France 2, and finally she returned to TF1. It should be noted that it is through this television channel that she experienced her finest moments in her career. We note that this is the reason why this young woman feels very familiar with her colleagues from this production house and her fans. Moreover, she affirmed it by saying: “Every big leap I took, every risk I took, you were there! »

Alessandra Sublet: She will now drown in the world of cinema!

According to the confessions of Alessandra Sublet to the Parisian on April 07, she chose to put an end to her career as a presenter to devote herself to a new project. We discovered that this presenter always wanted to be an actress. In other words, it’s his childhood dream!

However, she has not yet had the opportunity to realize it! Last summer, a cinema box asked Alessandra Sublet to play in one of its TV movies. By having felt like a small fish in her role, the latter succumbed to the temptationto redirect his vocation!

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