ASSE – GOAL INFO! Accor is eyeing Saint-Etienne… and the Greens?


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If the arrival of David Blitzer and his company Bolt Football Holding has been complicated, Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer have reaffirmed their desire to sell ASSE as soon as possible. Saturday evening, through a press release published by the agency of Patrick Chène, specifically in charge of the takeover file of the Greens, the two leaders had assured that the discussions “are actively continuing with several candidate buyers via KPMG”. The identity of most of these mystery buyers had not leaked, however, while RMC Sport had been taken over directly by Olivier Markarian after the Drôme businessman was cited in a new local project in preparation.

According to our information, the hotel group Accor Live Limitless would have taken information to inquire about the terms of takeover of ASSE. If we are still far from an offer from the hotel group, Accor would have the idea of ​​establishing itself more strongly in the Forez with the opening in the years to come of a “4 star” in the region of Saint-Etienne. He is currently looking for an image lever for a first anchorage in Saint-Etienne. Under these conditions, what could be better than to buy the club, the city’s best known standard at national and international level?

A solid group, a CEO who has already been president of PSG

One thing is certain, if the Accor group (1st hotel group in Europe, 6th hotel group in the world) were to land at the head of the Greens, this would bring a real financial base to the Loire club. Listed on the CAC40, the company based in Boulogne-Billancourt posted 2.2 billion in turnover in 2021.

As for its CEO Sébastien Bazin, he is not a total stranger to the world of football. PSG shareholder in 2006 via Colony Capital then 14th president of the Ile-de-France club between 2009 and the arrival of Qatar in 2011, the person concerned was also the main jersey sponsor of the capital club for three seasons (2019-22) ceding his place at Qatar Airlines this summer. If he is more of a supporter of Paris, Sébastien Bazin already has the advantage of knowing Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo well.

However, for the time being, no firm offer has been made. Neither from Accor Live Limitless, nor from any other new face in the never-ending ASSE sale saga. At this time, our sources have simply informed us of this general project of the Accor group and of taking information. As it stands, we do not know if this first information will encourage Sébastien Bazin and the Accor group to push the discussions further.

Accor has its sights set on Saint-Etienne

ASSE has announced several new potential buyers other than David Blitzer. According to our sources, the Accor Live Limitless group is one of those to have inquired… No more for the moment, but Sébastien Bazin is no stranger to the world of football.

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