Can the Lakers join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

Can the Lakers join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?


You could not miss the bombshell that fell on the NBA on June 30, a few hours before the opening of the Free Agency. Kevin Durant asked his franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, for his trade. But now the more important question is: where could it go? And how to carry out such a historic transfer? Right away, zoom in on the Los Angeles Lakers and their possibilities to get KD back.

Friday June 30, 2022, 8:49 p.m. French time, the explosion falls.

Kevin Durant wants to leave Brooklyn, time is running out and Coco wants to win more rings. After the time of the exploding thermometer, the entire TrashTalk editorial team has therefore asked themselves THE question that torments us all… but where the hell will KD pursue his career? To do this, and because we like to push the delirium as far as possible, we have collectively decided to look at all the NBA franchises. Yes yes, all the franchises: 29 detailed articles, with a quick overview of what could happen.

Make way for LeBron James’ Lakers.

# Why would the Lakers go for KD?

We all know a Lakers fan or two in our close circle who suffered martyrdom throughout the season, and who was eager for one thing: for it to end. Next season, these same aficionados want Los Angeles to get going again, they want to relive the emotions of 2020 when their Lakers were crowned champions at Disney. So for that, why not reorganize the workforce, recover one of the best current players in the NBA and get a new champion ring? Level balance and well-being of the franchise, we are more than an earthquake. LeBron James is on the last part of his career and wouldn’t say no to an extra big help to get a fifth bagouze.

# Which players are unavailable?

If there is a universe where LeBron James will be pushed towards the exit door by Rob Pelinka, it is not this one. If KD takes his talents to Venice Beach, it’s to play with the King, not with Stanley Johnson and Talen Horton-Tucker. So thank you Sean Marks, but sorry, Mr. James is not for sale and he’s going to be enjoying what little time he has left with Bronny in LA before he leaves for college.

# Which Lakers players could attract the Nets’ attention?

  • Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker, Lonnie Walker IV

Even if LeBron isn’t available on the market, the Lakers can still offer some great people to the Nets. Brooklyn is looking for a player at the All-Star level, and at this level on the Los Angeles side, we have enough. Russell Westbrook is coming off such a great season that everyone now calls him Westbrick, and we haven’t seen much of Anthony Davis hanging out on the court, with only 40 out of 82 games played… so before the Sean Marks opportunity s surely finger licking. Imagine. If against the two big contracts of the Lakers who seek to revive it manages to send its two major players who no longer want to play for the Nets at the other end of the country? No, we’re kidding. But imagine anyway. Westbrick and the monobrow in Brooklyn: it blows up, doesn’t it? Otherwise, there are kids to offer as a bonus, like THT or Lonnie Walker IV.

# Do they have Draft picks to offer them?

At the Lakers, despite the multiple exchanges made in recent seasons, there are still a few Draft picks in stock. Quite a few went to New Orleans due to the trade for Anthony Davis, so there are plenty of picks left in the second round and some from the first round can still be swapped out. With at least two minimum picks on each upcoming Draft, Los Angeles still has loose change that may (or may not) tip the scales in front of the Nets to recover KD.

The Lakers receive:

  • Kevin Durant
  • Kyrie Irving

The Nets receive:

  • Anthony Davis
  • Russell Westbrook
  • Austin Reaves
  • First round of Draft 2027 and 2029
  • A compilation CD of Compagnie Créole hits

You felt the Earth tremble under your feet and the water present in your glass fly away. Normal, this trade would do much more than the effect of an earthquake at 9 on the scale of the good old Richter. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, the TrashTalk site… All networks and means of communication will be down. Do not try to send a message to your grandma to find out what’s going on, she won’t leave. This exchange with effects as big as the bug of the year 2000 could well return the NBA as it has never been. The biggest trade of all time if it were to happen? Perhaps, but we are not there yet, very far. But if that happens, we just want the 2023 Finals poster to be Lakers-Nets. Only that.

Kevin Durant on the Los Angeles side? In fact, nothing is impossible and as a famous philosopher from Hérault said: it is by doing anything that you become anyone. To acquire KD, the Lakers know in any case what they have to do. So, is it tempting or not?

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