«J’ai laissé piloter Dieu»: Christine Kelly sous le feu des critiques après l’exhumation d’une vidéo où elle se confie sur son rapport à la foi

Christine Kelly under fire from critics after the exhumation of a video where she confides in her relationship to faith


VIDEO – At the beginning of April, during a conference given within a church, the presenter of “Face à l’info” on CNews explained how God was helping her to present the program which has long highlighted Éric Zemmour .

«Things are not going well with the very holy Bolloré», «In the name of the father of christ and Christine Kelly amen», «She’s definitely a televangelist“… For 24 hours, messages have been flooding Twitter against Christine Kelly and the CNews channel. The reason? Statements from the presenter of “Face à l’info” which date back to Sunday April 3. That day, she was giving a lecture at the Martin Luther King church in Paris, of Protestant and evangelical profession according to their description on their website. The video was unearthed in the form of an assembly by an Internet user, a certain “Joao Gabriel” who presents himself as a doctoral student.

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During this interview organized on the occasion of the presidential election, Christine Kelly discusses her relationship to Christianity and explains in particular how she relies on “Dieuto present “Face à l’info” on CNews, at the start with Éric Zemmour. “First broadcast, demonstrations in front, I don’t know Éric Zemmour…“, she begins before describing this moment when she spoke directly to God, “two knees on the ground in the toilet” to say him: “I don’t know where I’m going but I know you’ll manage. The eternal is my shepherd and I will lack nothingn“, she relates to the warm applause of the room.

To prepare for the show, the host also talks to the spiritual being. “When I look at the subject discussed, I say to myself “what could we say?” I’m silent and God, you take the reinsshe explains. I completely hid myself behind God. I let it drive everything“, she reveals again. “I let God pilot so much towards and against all the insults, all the threats. And I said to him if you send me there, it is that you have a mission”. The former member of the CSA finally emphasizes having “witnessed his faith, regularly on the show when there was an opening», Launching for example «a short bible versein the middle of the interventions of its columnists. “Sometimes I have pastors who write to me“, she recalls. The latter would be surprised that she dares this kind of statement on the air.

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On Twitter, journalists are now few to denounce these remarks, starting with Raphaëlle Bacqué of Monde, Jean-Michel Aphatie or the psychoanalyst and LCI editorialist, Gérard Miller. For the time being, Christine Kelly has not reacted to this new controversy. The one who has already been threatened with death in the past simply wished a “great sunny sundayto his community on Twitter.

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