Convicted of sex crimes, R. Kelly attacks the prison where he is being held

Convicted of sex crimes, R. Kelly attacks the prison where he is being held


The singer, sentenced on June 29 to 30 years in prison for sex crimes, denounces his conditions of detention in the Brooklyn penitentiary center.

R. Kelly sued Friday 1is July, a trial at the Brooklyn prison, where he has been held since his 30-year prison sentence for racketeering and sex crimes. Placed, because of his celebrity, in a special sector where surveillance is increased, in particular to avoid any risk of suicide, the singer claims to be subject to “cruel and unusual punishment” within the penal institution.

The RnB star believes he is wrongly placed under surveillance when he is not suicidal. In a complaint filed in federal court in Brooklyn, the 55-year-old singer said Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) officials ordered him under surveillance after his June 29 sentencing. “solely for punitive purposes” and because he was an inmate “highly visible”. He therefore seeks compensatory and punitive damages, not specified.

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Known for the tube I Believe I Can Fly, who won a Grammy in 1996, R. Kelly was convicted last September of one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, which prohibits the transportation of people across borders of the state for the purposes of prostitution. Prosecutors said the American singer exploited his notoriety and wealth for two decades to lure women and underage girls to him for sexual purposes, with the help of those around him.

Ghislaine Maxwell detained in the same conditions

R. Kelly’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, quoted a prosecutor who said the prison legal counsel told her that “according to the psychology department, he is on psychological alert for various reasons, such as age, crime, publicity and conviction”. However, Jennifer Bonjean is not satisfied with this explanation. “Put simply, MDC Brooklyn is run like a gulag,” she wrote.

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Ghislaine Maxwell, another Brooklyn prison inmate, was placed under medical supervision on June 24, four days before she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls. Her lawyer said the British socialite received a «blouse de suicide» and had been deprived of clothes, toothpaste and soap, although she was not suicidal either.

The documents filed on 1is July do not specify the specific conditions to which R. Kelly was subjected. The former star is still to be tried in August in federal court in Chicago for child pornography and obstruction, as well as various offenses in Illinois and Minnesota.

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