Coup de theater in Plus belle la vie: a famous actor victim of virulent attacks

Coup de theater in Plus belle la vie: a famous actor victim of virulent attacks

Orientation attacks are not uncommon on social media. This affects both anonymous and celebrities. A comedian who appeared in the soap opera “Plus belle la vie” has also paid the price recently.

The series will end soon

After 17 years of broadcasting, the series “Plus belle la vie” will bow out. On Thursday May 5, France Television announced the imminent end of the series. Thus, the last episode will be broadcast on November 18, 2022. A news that saddened fans of fiction, but also the actors. Many of them have also shared their reactions on social networks.

“End clap for this #Nebout couple, my most beautiful love story on TV with my awesome partner @mariereache. Thank you all for loving us all these years. It breaks my heart to imagine that all this will end soon, ”wrote Jérôme Bertin on Instagram.

Following this announcement, many viewers still hope that the series will not end. They hope it will continue on another television channel. The producer of Plus belle la vie has also said a little more about this hypothesis recently.

Could the series “Plus belle la vie” be saved?

The fans of the first hour find it difficult to imagine that they will no longer follow the daily newspapers of the inhabitants of the Mistral. However, an actor has a glimmer of hope and admitted that he is not sure that the series will really end in November. At the microphone of 76actu, Anthony Dupray, the one who played the role of Francis Soubeyrand declared that the choice of the production to want to stop the series is absurd.

“I wonder, honestly, who can do without a series that still has three million viewers, between live ratings and replays, on one episode (…) I think it will continue on another channel , a new platform,” the actor explained.

A thought shared by the producer of the series, Claire de la Rochefoucauld during her visit to Allociné. During the interview, the interviewer asked him about the possible channel change to bring the series to life. The producer admitted that for the moment, it is still a rumor that circulates. However, she revealed that they are doing what they can do, but nothing is signed yet.

“We would like so much for our actors and the public that it continues elsewhere. Obviously we don’t want to bury Plus belle la vie, but it’s not us who decide. But all the rumors going around are just rumors for now. “, she finally explained.

So we cross our fingers for the future of “Plus belle la vie”! Remember that if the series has been so successful, it is because it discusses the problems that can be seen in society: marital vi*l, end of life, Alzheimer’s, transidentity or even marriage for all. However, this last theme caused concern to one of the actors of the series.

Régis Maynard’s Facebook page deleted

Regis Maynard, an actor who plays a gay character on the show has faced a lot of criticism because of his role. The actor said on his Instagram account that his page was deleted from Facebook. The cause ? He has been receiving comments about his orientation every day for more than five years.

“Following numerous complaints, denunciations, I received a message from Facebook telling me: we have decided to close your page, because it does not ‘respect the standards of the community’, wrote the actor on his account.

An irony of fate, because the victim of attack sees his account closed! And the situation did not leave Internet users indifferent. Many have backed the actor saying they love his role on the show. And others complained about Facebook and the attitude of some people.

“When will a social media police be coming to clean up!? », « What a shame this censorship. Our world is not changing for the better. People confuse fiction and reality it’s nonsense ”, can we read on the comments.

Source : Capture Facebook

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