experience the shock of this 4th world tour, between Maurel and Dubois

experience the shock of this 4th world tour, between Maurel and Dubois


This Monday opens the 4th world tour of the Marseillaise à pétanque with a clash between last year’s finalists, Pierre Maurel, Maison Durk and Kevin Prudhomme against an experienced team with Gino Dubois, Charles Brun and his son Chun Brun .

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

Another good point for Charles Brun who exposes himself to a strike from Prudhomme. The lead is balanced. After an hour of play, it’s getting hotter and hotter on this Carré d’Honneur France 3. Chun Brun once again has the opportunity to score two points but he definitely can’t manage to settle his game, he misses his two balls and literally offers a point to the Maurel team which is even closer to victory with a score of 11 to 2.

Kevin Prudhomme is still as diligent as ever. At each well-pointed ball by Charles Brun, he responds with surgical strikes. For his part, the shooter of the Boule d’Or de Gaillac, Chun Brun regains a little efficiency, but Durk remains well in his game both in shooting and in point. One more point for the Maurel team. The score goes up to 10-2.

The lead is not at all identical to the previous one. With a failed shot by Prudhomme and two balls very well played by Charles Brun as backup, the Dubois team finds itself with a numerical superiority in the number of balls. After a lost point, Gino Dubois catches up and forces Durk to a difficult but victorious shot. Chun Brun with his last two balls has the possibility of making a big lead but he misses his two attempts and offers a point to his opponents who now lead 9 to 2.

The goal is at 8m70, and that absolutely does not bother Pierre Maurel who comes close to the cap. Chun Brun does not set his sights and experiences two failures. Charles Brun tries a roundup to get the cork out, but he is unfortunate because he touches the goal which bounces off Maurel’s ball and he almost returns to his original place. Gino Dubois manages to stir up trouble with a well-aimed boule but that’s without counting on the shooting dexterity of Kevin Prudhomme who makes a fine puck. Dubois came back to take the point, Prudhomme missed his attempt but not Maison Durk who added four points in the end. The score is now 8 to 2 for the Maurel triplet.

Pierre Maurel is in good shape this Monday morning! The captain is close to the stopper twice, but Chun Brun regains his shooting efficiency with a 2 out of 2. Kevin Prudhomme misses a ball, which is very rare this morning… Maison Durk points to perfection, Gino Dubois responds with a winning shot but he boards the jack out of bounds. The end is cancelled.

This fifth leads starts more difficult for the Dubois team which still suffers as much “lightning” from Kevin Prudhomme. Charles Brun, Gino Dubois and Chun Brun play only one ball out of two, and this allows the triplet Maurel to make an almost full lead, rather well paid with two points. Maurel-Durk-Prudhomme now lead 4 to 2.

The fourth act leaves under better auspices. Prudhomme is unstoppable with two new strikes. The shooter is at 7 of 8 since the start of the game. For his part, Gino Dubois is a perfect metronome. It appears to be magnetized to the stopper and causes a missed shot from Durk.

This same Maison Durk manages to put a very annoying ball for his opponents just behind the ball that holds the point. Chun Brun tries an improbable strike, he misses it. and the Dubois team adds a second point in this game. Perfect tie 2 to 2.

The third end begins like the previous ones. There is really very little waste, the players are diligent and happy in their game. The pointers are effective and on the side of the favorites Kevin Prudhomme hits two balls very well placed about fifteen centimeters from the cork. We know a rather rare situation where two balls are the same distance from the jack. The rules say that the point is zero, which confuses the two teams a bit, as they must play by intervals until the point is won. Finally the lead ends with three missed shots, two for Maison Durk and one for Chun Brun. The Maurel team scores a point to go ahead on the scoreboard 2 to 1.

Chun Brun, the young shooter of this experienced formation, hits his two balls on this lead after two points from Pierre Maurel. Kevin Prudhomme for his part remains hyper-concentrated and manages a very nice puck on his first attempt. His second shot is much less fortunate because he “breaks” his partner’s ball… Maison Durk takes over and he hits perfectly, a diamond with a small drop. Gino Dubois is also well in his game this time, but he has to face the diabolical precision of Maison Durk, but the Dubois team manages to place his ball well and offers himself a first point in this 4th round. 1-1

A first lead where the two teams gauge each other on the France 3 square of honor. Little waste at the start of the day and a point for the Maurel team with Kevin Prudhomme already in great shape at the start of the game. 1 to 0 for the finalists of the World 2021.

Going through the bad surprises on the first day with as many pitfalls as possible when you have 3744 teams is already good. But the triplet finalist of the 2021 edition was not entitled to a long calm river. Sunday afternoon, it was quite simply against the winners of the year 2019 Patrick Messonnier and Adrien Delahaye, that the Maurel team had to fight to go further in this Marseillaise 2022.

This Monday morning, the triplet will have to take out Gino Dubois, Charles Brun and his son to continue the competition. A game that promises a good game, to be seen this Monday from 9 a.m.

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