Formula 1 |  Binotto 'very happy' with Sainz's behavior at Silverstone

Formula 1 | Binotto ‘very happy’ with Sainz’s behavior at Silverstone


Just before the Grand Prix was restarted at Silverstone following the intervention of the safety car, Ferrari asked Carlos Sainz, then 2nd with new tyres, to leave a space equivalent to ten cars between his teammate Charles Leclerc and him. -even, the maximum authorized by the regulations, to leave enough margin to the Monegasque who was shod with hard and worn tires.

But the Spaniard categorically refused on the radio: Lewis Hamilton was right behind him at the time, and he therefore made it clear to his team that he himself was under great pressure.

Mattia Binotto, the director of Scuderia Ferrari, was not annoyed by the refusal of his driver who has just won his first victory in Formula 1. On the contrary, he says he is very satisfied with his behavior.

“I am not only OK with the situation, but also very happy with Carlos’ behaviour,” said the Italian leader.

“Because for example, when we asked him to swap positions, he did it immediately without arguing. And when we told him to give space to Charles after the restart, he didn’t say that he didn’t want to do it, but that ‘the guy behind me is going to be very aggressive, so I have to protect my position, let me do it’.”

“So I think he understood perfectly what the intention was. He not only understood it, but he is also very good in the way he acts, I am very happy with that aspect.”

Binotto was equally pleased with Sainz’s first stint, although Leclerc complained about his pace behind him.

“Charles had a bit more pace, Carlos started degrading his tires which is why we stopped him earlier than Charles and left Charles out. We were still watching the gap to Hamilton to make sure that when Hamilton stops, he’ll be behind us. And that’s exactly what happened.”

“We had the right pace on the hard tires with our drivers, and we kept monitoring it. And when we saw it was marginal we just asked to swap cars.”

“And I think we were right then because Charles had so much pace. I think we did really well as a team, they did really well as drivers. I think we did everything right. “

Binotto therefore believes that there is no reason to see the result of the British GP as negative for Ferrari because it should not be considered under the prism of a single driver, Leclerc in this case.

“Is it a tough weekend for us? I don’t think so. We got a win. We got a pole and a win at Silverstone. We should be very happy. It’s a Ferrari on pole and a Ferrari who wins.”

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