Françoise Hardy malade, au plus mal en fin de vie, elle évoque "sa vie cauchemardesque"

Françoise Hardy sick, at the worst at the end of her life, she evokes “her nightmarish life”

Last December, Françoise Hardy entered the Top 50 JDD of the favorite personalities of the French. It was a first for the former companion of Jacques Dutronc. When she is 78 years old, Thomas Dutronc’s mother suffers from an illness that makes her life a living hell. Passing through the Journal Du Dimanche, she had mentioned her daily life as well as her fear of death.

The singer is battling two cancers

The French artist made a name for herself with her songs full of melancholy. Françoise Hardy’s songs were written after her feelings about her love life. She exposed her fears with great nostalgia. Among his songs, we could note the song “All the boys and the girls” which had cardboard. Françoise Hardy is still as popular as ever. She even managed to enter the Top 50 JDD in 2021.

Outside the world of music, she fights for a cause that is close to her heart. She is an activist for the right to euthanasia. This process is not yet legalized in France. For her, those who are not for euthanasia have never known people who are suffering. Suffice to say that Françoise Hardy knows a lot about it.

Françoise Hardy has been suffering from her illnesses for several years. Throughout the pandemic, she had to remain confined despite her failing health. She suffered from cancer of the lymphatic system and then cancer of the pharynx. Her illness affected her greatly. It was during her interview with the JDD that she expressed her difficulties. She shared her daily life with sincerity.

A nightmarish life

Following the cancers from which she had suffered, the life of Françoise Hardy is no longer the same. She can’t even enjoy life the way she wants. Her illness had forced her to go through 45 radiotherapies. This method of treatment caused side effects.

She had notably cited the definitive absence of saliva and the lack of irrigation of the skull over the entire ENT area. It made his life a nightmare. From what she said during her interview, she spends at least five hours a day eating. She would always be threatened with a possible nasal hemorrhage.

“My nostrils are too dry and clogged despite oiling them several times a day,” she said.

She had also said that she suffered from bouts of coughing and choking. This is due to a recent hemorrhage that had dried out his back throat. Living in such a situation requires a lot of courage. The mother of Thomas Dutronc had shared what she feels in the face of this situation.

A pain she no longer wants to endure

In an interview on RTL, the interpreter of the song “So many beautiful things” had already confessed to wanting to end his suffering. What his doctor had refused him. It was during this interview with Journal Du Dimanche that she spoke about her vision of death.

“I have long thought that death is only of the body which belongs to the material world, but not of the spirit,” she began.

For her, physical death liberates the soul which is of “another essence”. She nevertheless confessed that this does not prevent her from being afraid of dying. It’s not really death itself that she’s afraid of. Indeed, she is afraid of the terrible suffering inflicted by the separation from her loved ones. She is also afraid of the physical suffering that this departure from the world of the living will entail.

This fear has therefore pushed her to take advantage of the time she spends with her loved ones. At the end of 2021, Françoise Hardy no longer had much hope for the year 2022. Since she was ill, she appreciates all the time spent with her son. The latter, who is a singer like his parents, is currently on tour with his father.

Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy have been separated for a long time. Despite this, the two artists have not yet divorced. For Françoise Hardy, the man she married in 1981 was the man of her life. As for Jacques Dutronc, the mother of his son would be for him the icon of his life. According to the confidences of Françoise Hardy, the feelings they have for each other are stronger than friendship.

The lady is weakened by the side effects of her illness. She is almost at the end of her suffering. They torment her so much that sometimes she wants to leave in her sleep.

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