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Greg the second of Noémie | Louis traps Theo to replace him – Here it all begins July 8, 2022 (episode 439) | Here it all starts


Discover the detailed summary of Here it all begins in advance season 2 with episode 439 broadcast on Friday July 8, 2022 on TF1. Guillaume and Laetitia is a plan-plan life… will she fall for her lover. Mehdi refuses to be Noémie’s second

The complete recap of the ITC soap opera of the episode of 07/08/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

Does Laetitia still have a weakness for Tony?

Find the full summary ofHere it all starts episode 439 broadcast on TF1 on Friday July 8, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Here it all begins ): the recap of the previous episode Here everything starts from 07/07/2022 is online.

Célia is afraid that Theo will change his mind because of the Vatel prize. Célia thinks Theo is happy with something hidden…he thinks Célia is selfish.

Guillaume doesn’t want to go to bed late because he has an appointment with a supplier early in the morning. He asks Laetitia that Tony not stay too long for dinner (picnic in the garden of the institute). Kelly finds this invitation with an ex strange. Laetitia maintains that there is zero ambiguity with it. Laetitia vows to Kelly that Guillaume is the funkiest man in the world even if she loves him. Laetitia says Tony is just a friend, she doesn’t want to let go of Guillaume.

Theo here it all starts

Théo and Célia are roller coasters

Théo comes to see his father in the kitchen who is working on the revisited mille-feuille with apricot and thyme.
Théo tells his father that he will do everything to get the price for him and the Double A. Teyssier asks his son for a menu proposal for the evening. He tells Theo not to mess up because this price can change everything for him.

Louis ITC

Louis fucks up Theo’s plan

Hortense and Eliott land in the marshes and Célia tells them about Theo who doesn’t want to go to Paris. She believes that the Vatel Prize is yet another excuse.

Noémie and Mehdi have coffee and Noémie tells her that she is selected for the championship. Noémie offers Mehdi to be her second. Mehdi explains that he doesn’t really feel like it at the moment…this summer, he doesn’t want to compete and he wants to work with Hortense.
Delobel encourages Noémie to recruit Greg, he is serious and motivated. Greg accepts the proposal.

Laetitia ITC

Is Laetitia bored in the relationship with Guillaume?

Théo is lost, he confides in Axel. The latter entrusts Theo to leave with Célia, not to please him but because he really wants to.

Célia tells Théo that she is proud of him… she reacted badly because she is afraid of losing him. Théo wants to do everything to get the Vatel prize and then they go to Paris together. Celia is happy.

Here everything starts in advance episode 439 of July 8, 2022: New scheme by Louis

charlene here everything begins

Charlene shouldn’t have spoken to Louis

Louis is a little furious for Theo’s Vatel prize. Charlène says he might not get the prize because Theo is thinking of going to Paris. She explains to him that it was Axel who confided in her.

Louis comes to the salt marshes, he tells Célia that he wanted to congratulate Theo. In the end, Louis tries to put the souk in the Théo / Célia relationship… he tells Célia that she is too naive, Théo is going to let her go to Paris alone.

Kelly tells Laetitia that she feels she is flirting with Tony. Laetitia promises that she won’t do anything stupid…anyway Tony and Guillaume get along well…so she’s going

Noémie ITC

Noémie takes a wind from Mehdi

Louis arrives when Théo and Emmanuel are discussing the preparation of the Vatel Prize menu. He announces that Theo intends to leave after the prize. Louis says he is ready to replace Théo…and win the Vatel prize. It’s a cold shower for Teyssier.

The highlights Here it all starts from Friday July 8, 2022: what to remember

– Louis tries to overtake Theo and take his place for the Vatel prize
– Kelly is afraid that Laetitia will fall back into Tony’s arms
– Célia and Théo are ready to leave for Paris once the Vatel competition is over
– Greg will work with Noémie for the baking competition

To be continued the summary Here it all begins episode 440 Monday, July 11, 2022 with the actor Benjamin Baroche who plays Chef Teyssier..

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