Didier (L’amour est dans le pré) aux anges : il a retrouvé l’amour auprès d’une ex-prétendante

he found love again with an ex-suitor

How to sum up Didier’s latest adventures? Is the experience Love is in the meadow been so beneficial to him? We tell you everything!

What twists and turns for Didier!

The members of Love is in the meadow form a big family. When one of them has cash flow worries, the others unplug the tractors and put on a superhero costume. When he took over his parents’ home, Didier had no doubt that it was in such poor condition. Strongly weakened by the health context, the cow enthusiast locks himself in a deep depression.

Height of horror, the one he met on the set of the M6 ​​dating show leaves him. Suddenly, instead of ringing the alarm bell, Didier shuts himself up in a kind of silence. After a harsh winter without heater“, the other parts threaten to collapse. In any case, he cannot store anything in the cellar since it is upside down. Isn’t this the tip of the iceberg?

After the rain…

After hearing green and unripe things about his way of life, Didier is finally getting back on his feet. He ends up throwing a bottle into the sea. Having become the best way to raise funds, his kitty smashes records in a short time. Faced with our colleagues from The Midi Dispatch, he is moved by the generosity of his famous or anonymous subscribers. These 3,400 euros are a godsend. However, he recognizes that behind the scenes, there were hiccups. For example, other participants from Love is in the meadow do not consult it and compete in ingenuity to collect additional money. But will it be returned to him? Very quickly, he implores them to stop everything.

Didier is so proud. Until a few months ago, no one believed in the future of the building. However, thanks to the generosity of his fans, he breaks the silence. After having been able to finance some work, he considers that his ” house will be completely refurbished for September. » With a smile, he specifies that without people’s help [et] solidarity ” he could never have achieved his goal. Positive and much more serene about the future, he feels his wings growing. And for good reason, it seems that Cupid has also been there. And you suspect well that it is not to plug the breaches.

… comes the good weather for Didier!

Since the end of 2021, Didier has been a heart to take. With Isabelle, he formed without one of the couples most appreciated and respected by the public. Including for the host Karine Le Marchand, this rupture is a profound disaster. Even if he doesn’t say so, the cattle expert can’t put the pieces of his broken soul back together. For the teamObjection everything becomes clear. No longer motivated at all to manage his daily life, he no longer has the taste for anything, and especially not for renovations. CQFD!

Fortunately, on the Web, good souls will come to convince him that life is worth living. No question that he plans to end his life like his friend Jean-Claude Joly. This passage to the act was so shocking. When we had the chance to know him, we do not understand his gesture. For her part, a grieving former contender will devote herself entirely to Didier’s cause. Already traumatized by the fact that squatters invade her nest, Marie-Ange persists and signs. ” An unsanitary house, unworthy of a man like Didier. He kills himself at work, it’s [quelqu’un de] well… he doesn’t deserve this. He never complains and doesn’t want to show anyone his problems. » It will be understood, these two were made for each other. Targeted by the arrow of the angel of love, they seem to have decided to go a long way together. Continued in our next issue!

Thanks to our colleagues from the newspaper La Dépêche du Midi

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