Il quitte son pays, retrouve sa copine et rompt après 13 jours de vie commune, dégoûté

He leaves his darling after 13 days together, when he has just moved to join her…

Sometimes love makes us do amazing things. We are ready to do anything for the person we love, regardless of the barriers that stand in our way. This is what this man did for his sweetheart. He crossed thousands of kilometers to join his lover. Against all expectations, he leaves her 13 days later. So what happened?

They were madly in love before they broke up

Terrence and Alisa met on a dating app last April. After several days of discussions, the chemistry was established and they decided to live together. However, there was a big problem between the two lovers: they do not live in the same country. One was in the United States and the other in Canada.

However, the distance did not prevent them from living their love. Madly in love with her boyfriend, Alisa decided to join Terrence in the land of Uncle Sam. The two lovebirds were so lost in their cloud that Terrence ended up tattooing the young woman’s name on her neck. Alas, Alisa’s stay was not long and she had to return to her country.

Crazy in love, Terrence decides to leave his country to live with his girlfriend. He therefore left everything behind and joined his other half in the Great White North. The couple thus began to live together and spun the perfect love. However, after 13 days together, Terrence left his sweetheart and returned to his country. Why ?

Things had gone wrong…

According to the young man, he ended their relationship because of his girlfriend’s friends. He asked his companion to break all ties with them, because they make him suffer. On top of that, his friends say bad things about him behind his back in order to compromise him. Something that the American did not support. Hence his decision to leave Alisa.

“For me to be there and see her crying every other day, saying ‘my friends told me this and now I’m sad,’ was really difficult,” the young man said.

About the tattoo? Well, the young man plans to cover it. If Terrence ended their relationship after only 13 days together, he’s not the only one. Indeed, every day, couples break up. This man, for example, ditched a 10-year relationship for a Ukrainian refugee he had just met.

He leaves his wife after 10 years of relationship for a refugee

Does love at first sight really exist? It is not Tony Garnett who will answer “No”. In just 10 days after hosting a Ukrainian refugee named Sofia, the young man made the choice to leave his wife of 10 years to go live with this newcomer.

The story took place in Bradford, England. Given the current context, Tony Garnett wanted to help people who wish to leave the Attic of Europe. Impatient with the government’s lengthy process, he took to social media and got in touch with Sofia, a national of the conflicted country.

Very quickly, Sofia landed with Tony and his wife after receiving his visa. However, things turned sour between the two bride and groom. Indeed, Tony’s wife, Lorna, noticed that they had become very close. The young man even gave his 6-year-old daughter’s bed to Sofia. More so, they talked for hours and spent a lot of time together.

“I knew something was going on between us and Sofia felt the same,” Tony Garbett told The Sun.

Seeing that her man got too close to the 22-year-old, Lorna asked her to leave their house. Yet, unexpectedly, Tony, too, made the decision to follow his new love interest. He therefore abandoned his wife and mother of his children with whom he lived 10 years of love.

“If she goes, I go”. I knew I couldn’t give it up and all of a sudden it just felt like a no-brainer,” he explained.

They are now living together with Tony’s mom while they wait to find an apartment. However, the young man feels bad for his wife. He is aware of the pain he has caused her.

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