Rudy Gobert du Jazz d'Utah en NBA

“If Wolves did this for Rudy Gobert…”


Now a Wolves player, Rudy Gobert is focused on the future and his partnership with Karl-Anthony Towns. Minnesota has dropped a lot to afford the services of the Frenchman, with a counterpart that continues to impress the league, even to shock. Some then wonder what is preparing in the soap opera Kevin Durant.

After years at Jazz, since the beginning of his career to tell the truth, Rudy Gobert will discover a new team at the start of the school year. He will play for Wolves alongside Karl-Anthony Towns, with an XXL racket who has already been able to break a first record. No doubt, this duo promises to be very interesting to follow, even if success is far from guaranteed. Don’t tell that to the leaders, who did what was necessary to bring the Frenchman to the region.

It must be said that to recover Rudy, the front office released many assets. We are talking here about 5 first draft rounds, including a swap, in addition to a player from the last draft. It still does a lot of things, to the point thata star quickly criticized this choice. She is not the only one, especially since the Kevin Durant soap opera takes place at the same time.

The consideration for Rudy Gobert is still controversial

Knowing that KD remains a better player than Rudy, it is logical to expect a higher consideration in order to attract the services of the star. Marc Stein himself, said he was relatively surprised by the Wolves with this move, and he now wonders what the Nets will do. Indeed, and with Gobert’s trade, do not count on Brooklyn to make a gift when selling their superstar: we will have to let go of a lot of things.

Brooklyn doesn’t need to rush with Kevin Durant. They’ll consider where he wants to go, but they don’t have to listen to him. He still has 4 years of contract. Rudy Gobert generated 5 first-round draft picks for the Jazz, but he’s a far cry from the offensive threat that is Kevin Durant. So if Utah manages to get all of that, what are the Nets going to get for selling KD?

An obviously logical question that could change the situation in the weeks to come. The Nets don’t need to rush and have control in the negotiations. But with this consideration obtained thanks to Gobert, the leaders of Brooklyn can rub their hands and ask for massive compensation, the largest in history, to cede KD. That is why these talks could last for weeks.

Rudy Gobert set the bar high when he left the Jazz, which means Kevin Durant should give the Nets even more payback when he trades the superstar. But who would want to let go of so many assets and jeopardize their long-term future, even for number 7? We should find out in the summer.

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