NBA Les Warriors de Curry et Durant

Insane Warriors bid pending to bring Kevin Durant back?!


On leaving the Nets for a few days, Kevin Durant does not yet know where he will play next season. Many franchises are logically interested, but Brooklyn intends to choose the best package in return. He could come from the Warriors, who are preparing a crazy offer to bring KD back to California.

More than half of the league have already called the Nets for a few days, to find out more about the consideration requested for Kevin Durant. It won’t surprise anyone, since we’re talking about one of the best players in the league, if not the best when he’s playing at his peak. Nonetheless, Brooklyn has no intention of giving a giveaway, with crazy compensation for ceding the superstar.

The team to follow closely for Kevin Durant!

The Heat and the Suns are on the spot, since KD would very much like to finish in one of the two teams, but it is far from won. He doesn’t really have a say in his future destination, which means he has to be prepared for anything. Marc J. Spears is in any case not surprised by this news, because after all we are talking about KD, which means that all the franchises are present… including the Warriors.

It’s no surprise the Warriors are interested in Kevin Durant, sources say. Like half the league. It’s KEVIN DURANT. You better make a call if you’re the GM. It’s KEVIN DURANT.

Yes, it’s Kevin Durant, a player capable of changing an entire team at its best. No surprise for the Dubs, who still hope to win a few titles in the years to come. Moreover, according to Spears, a crazy package could be proposed, he who affirms that Golden State must be watched closely.

The Golden State Warriors are a team to watch for Kevin Durant. “Spears notes that the Warriors could potentially offer the best package for both parties, with a deal involving Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman. »

An impressive offer, but which could just crack the Nets. A few more draft rounds, and KD could easily end up with the Dubs… if the franchise wants it. Indeed, with such a package, the whole future of this team flies away in the long term. Not sure Joe Lacob, the owner, is a fan.

Kevin Durant returning to the Warriors? This is a scenario that should definitely not be ruled out in the weeks to come. We imagine the Dubs have called the Nets, remains to be seen if the front office is ready to sacrifice the young people to bring back the superstar. We imagine that the fans would not say no.

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