"It's going to be difficult", Tameze tells the Tudor method and warns the Marseillais

“It’s going to be difficult”, Tameze tells the Tudor method and warns the Marseillais


Guest of After Foot this Sunday on RMC, the midfielder of Hellas Verona evokes the case of Igor Tudor, future coach of OM and his former coach. The former Niçois describes a man “who works a lot” and who leads in particular very intense physical training.

“He’s bloodthirsty, someone who is hungry, who always wants more”. Adrian Tameze is not surprised by the imminent signing of Igor Tudor at OM, “compared to the personality of the coach and the Marseille identity”. The 28-year-old midfielder, led by the Croatian coach last season at Hellas Verona, gives his feelings about Jorge Sampaoli’s successor on the Olympian bench.

“He’s a coach who made me progress a lot and who did great things with us last year”, says Tameze at the microphone of After Foot this Sunday evening. “He asks a lot of his players, his team, he adds. It’s an almost constant all-terrain pressing. It allows us to win a lot of games. We won a lot of games against big guys this season last. We really liked the game system”.

“We sometimes run more during the week than on match days”

Hellas Verona actually created a surprise last season in Serie A, finishing in 9th place. And this at the cost of particularly intense efforts throughout the season. “It’s going to be difficult, warns the midfielder. It’s very intense. We sometimes run more during the week than on match days, but it’s useful on weekends when we’re on the pitch”.

“When he manages to find his game system, his key players, he doesn’t change them too much, adds Tameze, referring to Sampaoli’s changing game plan from one meeting to another. Afterwards, it’s true that OM play in the Champions League next season. There will be a lot of games. We know that it will be a special season with the World Cup. He will have to use a little more of his squad”.

“He’s a bit like Sampaoli, always ruminating”

Adrien Tameze also reveals that he was contacted by some OM players to sound out their future coach, who is relatively unknown in France. “He is someone who works a lot. We must not forget that he was a player, he played at Juve in the time of Pirlo, he reassures about the announced inexperience of his former coach. He is still someone who knows the very high level. It will be a great experience, a great test for him to see him in a situation in Marseille”.

Concerning the man more than the coach, the environment trained in Nancy learns that the Croatian coach “is someone who really lives football. Whether in training or on the field, he really lives the things to background. On the pitch, he is a bit like Sampaoli, always ruminating. (…) He shouts a lot, all the time. Whether it’s in the 90th when you have to do the last races to score a goal or not to take one one. We know he’s going to be behind to give energy”.

“He was never closed on communication”

The Marseillais will not be out of place at this level, contrary perhaps to the relational aspect where Sampaoli did not always get along with his players. “In his management, I found him good in the sense that he had the door open, he could speak and gave everyone a chance, specifies Tameze. He was never closed on communication”.

Igor Tudor is about to discover his eighth club in seven years. An instability that does not worry Adrien Tameze: “It may be the fault of Verona who changed sports director and coach again this year. I hope he will stay as long as possible at OM. It’s one of the most beautiful French teams and a stage for him. There is still the Champions League, for a coach it’s the best”. The former central defender will have a month to prepare for the start of the next season, two before discovering the little music of the most beautiful club competition.

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