Jean-Luc Reichmann: accident de moto

Jean-Luc Reichmann (Les 12 coups de midi): wheelchair, coma, the aftermath of his accident revealed

Jean-Luc Reichmann had a serious road accident in 1984. Moreover, he was on a motorcycle, so the damage was very significant. Even if time has largely passed since then, the sequels are still present.

The aftermath of a serious accident

Jean-Luc Reichmann always happy

A far cry from his cheerful character and always full of energy in his many shows. Currently, he gives the soul to the show les 12 coups de midi on TF1 every noon. The show without Jean-Luc Reichmann would no longer be the same. He is a presenter very appreciated by all far from legal problems. But it has not always been so. Indeed, in 1984, while he was on a motorcycle, he had an accident. It was a very serious accident with many consequences. This may be his reason for always being so happy, after having lived close to death. This accident unfortunately took place almost 40 years ago now. But the pain and scars remind him every day of this tragic event.

Jean-Luc Reichmann “He is dead…”

Jean-Luc Reichmann told his accident to the magazine Ciné Télé Revue. “I drive at 90, 100. A person of a certain age had a heart attack in a vehicle on the front lane and mowed me down. A frontal impact at 200 km/h. The tank of the bike went into my stomach, my spleen exploded, the hood of the car severed my left arm. And I heard a guy say, ‘He’s dead’”.

Following this terrible accident, he had many injuries, all very serious. Despite a month-long coma, he still got out of it, but in a deplorable state. Having been on a motorcycle and not in a car, nothing could protect his body from the accident. Car sheet metal still protects drivers, though it’s not the ultimate shield either. Thereby, Jean-Luc Reichmann suffered enormously, during and after the accident. When he came out of the coma, he also found himself in the obligation to be in a wheelchair.

“It looked like a skeleton with bandages all over it”

Jean-Luc Reichmann’s mother also remembers this time of his life perfectly. The pain and worry of a mother whose son is injured is enormous. She speaks of this terrible time with shivers down her spine. She testifies “It looked like a skeleton with bandages everywhere”. His death would have been an insurmountable ordeal for his mother and a very big loss for French TV.

Fortunately, Jean-Luc Reichmann got away with it, with consequences. He was able to walk again and resume a more or less normal life. It will still have cost him many operations and not without consequences. At the age of 60 he testifies “Wounds are open wounds foreverhe adds. Today, at over 60, I still have pain.”. While this year the 12 noon shots celebrated their twelve years, it must be said that it would have been different without him. Last weekend, the prime was therefore broadcast, inviting all the best midday masters to honor the show. The lunches of many French people would have been very different without him.

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