June audiences: TF1 limits damage, M6 suffers, BFMTV in good shape, historic record equaled for L'Équipe

June audiences: TF1 limits damage, M6 suffers, BFMTV in good shape, historic record equaled for L’Équipe


End of season atmosphere in the French audiovisual landscape. Like every year at the same time, the channels are taking advantage of the results for the month of June to also take stock of the past season as a whole. Failing to perform on 4 years and over, TF1 prefers to focus as always on women in charge of purchasing under fifty (FRDA-50) and is delighted in its press release to achieve its best season on this indicator since 2007/2008 at group level by bringing together 34.0% of this target.

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CNews – ex-iTELE – is not to be outdone and is pleased to complete a “historic season” since its launch in 2007 with a 2.1% market share among the general public – compared to 0.6% in 2017/2018 – which confirms its status as the second news channel behind BFMTV. At the same time, France 5 equals its best historical season, at 3.6%.

“HPI” panics audiences, “Koh-Lanta” seeks its viewers

In June, according to Médiamétrie, the viewing time was 3h13, against 3h27 a year earlier at the same period. In June 2021, France was still subject to daily curfews. By achieving a market share of 18.8% on the public aged 4 and over in June, TF1 retained its first place but conceded 0.5 points over one year. On the main commercial target, with 22.2%, the Boulogne tower gained 0.6 points over the same period. The channel can say thank you to the “HPI” phenomenon, which for its season 2 on Thursday evening in prime time, brought together a consolidated average of 54.0% of FRDA-50, fans of Audrey Fleurot. Unheard of since the “Dolmen” saga in 2005.

If “HPI” shone again, this was not the case with “Koh-Lanta”, whose final broadcast on June 21 signed a historic low. The program, split for the first time into two parts, was particularly in difficulty throughout the broadcast of season 6 of “Tandem” on France 3. Finally, this month, the “13 Hours” of Marie – Sophie Lacarrau showed signs of weakness with a season low both in the number of viewers (3.66 million on June 16) and in market share (35.0% on June 30).

Which channels did well?

With 3.4% market share, BFMTV recorded the largest increase in PAF over one year, around 0.6 points, well helped in this by the strong news related to the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19. 19, but also by the legislative elections of 12 and 19 June. The evening of the second round was thus followed by 749,000 viewers (4.4% of the public), which made BFMTV the 5th most watched channel.

France 2 achieved a good audience in June, at 14.7% among the general public (+0.4 points over one year). If “Le club des invincibles” and “Rendez-vous en terre unknown” had poor prime time scores, season 10 of “Candice Renoir” held its rank and the launch of “Fort Boyard” last Saturday achieved a cardboard on the FRDA-50 – stronger than TF1 and M6 – even though this target is officially not a priority for the public service. At the end of the day on June 5, the flagship of the public service even set a record since 2012 for the men’s final at Roland-Garros.

France 5 also emerged stronger from this month of June with an increase of 0.5 points compared to June 2022, helped by the good form of its daily programs such as “C dans l’air”, which recorded its record season in market share at 16.5% on June 20 or “C à vous, la suite” which brought together up to 928,000 followers on June 9, for a market share of 4.6%.

Who suffered the most?

After the bad month of TF1 in May, it is the turn of M6 in June. The chain of Nicolas de Tavernost shows the strongest declines in the PAF, over one year as over one month, with for example 1.4 points less compared to June 2021. If the chain was able to count on a season at its highest for ” Married at first sight” on the commercial target (29.6% on average before), season 13 of “Top Chef” showed a decline over one year, both for the general public and for housewives. In access, after the new “Chefs à domicile” followed by only 950,000 viewers (6.9% of 4+), the current program, “L’académie des cakes”, with Cyril Lignac, is doing even less well to date (890,000 / 6.6%).

M6, however, is blowing thanks to the FRDA-50 with an audience share of 14.3% (-0.2 points over one year) while at group level, all channels combined, the increase on this key target is l order of 0.5 point, to 23.1%.

And also…

With a 1.5% market share, LCI experienced the best month of June since its creation in 1994. It should be noted that the news channel of the TF1 group has only been visible to the greatest number since 2016, the year which coincides with its passage on DTT.

For its part, the L’Équipe channel equaled its historical record, at 1.8% among 4-year-olds and over. The sports channel experienced the best day in its history on June 11, being followed by 4.2% of the public on average thanks to the joint presence of two events: the 24 hours of Le Mans and the League of Nations. The soap opera of Kylian Mbappé’s extension to Paris Saint-Germain also boosted the audiences of the sports channel.

Channel ratings for the month of June 2022

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