Kate Bush earned this astronomical sum thanks to the Netflix series

Kate Bush earned this astronomical sum thanks to the Netflix series


There are successes that we do not see coming. The season 4 of the Netflix series Stranger Things exploded every records. Like Midas, she turned everything she touched into gold, including the chanson Running Up That Hill from singer Kate Bushaired 37 years earlier but reused in the series.

Stranger Things : season 4 is queen

There’s a lot to be said and written about Season 4 of the flagship series. Netflix, Stranger Things. The series begins the end of its history, sincethere will only be one more season. But rest assured, Netflix has plenty of spin-offs already planned to continue capitalizing on the show’s impact, and one of them could be coming sooner than expected. The series revealed a lot of information regarding the main plot, the big bad and the upside down world, but it also and above all serves as a screen on our world, reminding us with tantalizing visuals that the 1980s were still a very good period. She regularly uses various elements with which the generation of forties can identify, such as posters, films, fashionable toys and even accessories… but above all music.

Season 3 introduced us to the excellent song Never Ending Story by Limahl and Beth Anderson sung by Lucas and his girlfriend Suzie when chasing with the Mind Flayer. As if it were a specification, season 4 took up this concept by introducing music dear to Max’s heart, allowing him to escape Vecna’s mental control. And this song is Running Up That Hill de Kate Bush. Thanks to the series, the song received an extremely powerful new popularity, 37 years after its release.placing her both in the Top 10 of the charts in the United States as well as in 1st position in the British chart.. A success that Kate Bush does not explain in an interview on the show Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 :

It’s extraordinary. I mean, it’s a great series, I thought the track would get attention, but I never imagined it would be something like this. It’s so exciting and shocking at the same time, isn’t it? The whole world has gone crazy… What’s even more crazy is that this is a whole new audience that in many cases has never heard of me. The feeling felt by all these young people hearing this song for the first time and discovering it is something very special.

Stranger Things : The song exceeds the million?

It is a success for Kate Bush at the cultural level, since new people discover her songs. But it is also and above all a huge economic success for her, since according to some estimates, it has already collected more than a million dollars in royalties thanks to the streaming of platforms such as Spotify or Deezer according to the organization Music Business Worldwide. This figure is particularly striking, since Spotify’s economy is not very inclined to let “out of fashion” artists break through. According to the report, Kate Bush is bucking the trend on all fronts.

Since she is the sole owner of the song Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), it is she who collects all the money earned by the various distribution media. Ordinarily, Spotify’s economic system mainly benefits already popular artists. The rest only receive a fraction of the payouts after licensors and record labels take their cut. And that’s if singers have access to royalties. The song was not chosen at random. Many couples slow danced or first kissed to this song when they were young.. It brings back a lot of positive memories, and that’s exactly what Netflix is ​​trying to do with the Stranger Things series.

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