Laury Thilleman en couple avec Jérémy Frérot, brise le cœur de Laure Manaudou

Laury Thilleman in a relationship with Jérémy Frérot, breaks the heart of Laure Manaudou

On May 17, Laury Thilleman and chef Juan Arbelaez formalized their breakup on social media. After 7 years together, the lovebirds separated amicably. Now everyone has a new life. And it must be said that Laury Thilleman did not wait long to find a shoe at his feet. Indeed, it turned out that the young woman is again in a relationship with Jérémy Frérot. A relationship that would have broken the heart of Laure Manaudou.

A news that made people talk

It was on their respective Instagram account that Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez announced their breakup. Each posted a text to announce the end of their relationship, which began in 2015.

“After seven years of intense happiness and a life together at a thousand miles an hour, Juan and I decide together to continue our paths separately”, can we read on the account of the former Miss.

Their separation seems to have been made by mutual agreement. As proof, in each of their text, they thank each other for the years spent together.

“The tenderness, benevolence, gratitude and mutual respect that we share remains and will remain intact, which is why we ask you to please respect our silence after this announcement. Juan brightened my life with a thousand colors and will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for the journey. Thank you for the joy, the love, the laughter and every learning experience,” the host added in her post.

For his part, Juan Arbeleaz described their relationship as “absolutely magical, filled with the happiness of benevolence”. As a reminder, they got together in 2015. Their relationship was formalized after a publication of images in the press. A few years later, the lovers got married, in December 2019. That’s not all, the lovers even worked together and launched a restaurant together.

Laury as a couple again?

A few months have passed since their separation here, rumors are circulating that Laury is in a relationship again. The lucky winner would be none other than Jeremy Frerot. The news shocked the public, especially since Laury Thilleman and her ex-companion are very good friends with Jeremy Frerot.

Some say that the former Miss would have deliberately left Juan Arbelaez for the companion of Laure Manaudou. However, the two couples were very good friends. We remember that a few months earlier, in January, the couple of friends had met to celebrate the birthday of Juan Arbelaez. They had also gone on vacation to the Basque Country, a few months earlier. So what really happened?

Strong emotions

For now, neither couple has confirmed the rumors. While some say that Laure Manaudou now lives alone in Paris, an appearance of the couple in a number “The Secret Song” proves the opposite.

Indeed, as a reminder, the ex-swimmer and her companion were invited to the set of the show on June 24th. The two lovers also made their first television appearance together, as Nikos Aliagas pointed out.

In turn, the relatives of the lovebirds have dedicated a video message to them. First, there was Laure’s brother, Florent Manaudou, who left a video message and then there was also Jérémy Frérot’s brother, accompanied by their parents, who arrived on stage.

Once the sequence was over, the couple rushed to join their loved ones. The emotion was there. The young mother, on the verge of tears, even declared:

“A lot, a lot of emotion, because it brought me back to the very beginning of our relationship. I’m going to cry. I cry all the time. And after the last song. Well, I can’t talk anymore. »

A very disturbing sequence

Everything seemed to have gone well, at least until the second pass. The teams of “The Secret Song” brought together Laure Manaudou and Jéméry Frérot to sit on two armchairs.

Shortly after, their friends Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez surprised them. A sequence that shocked Internet users since they learned that the two ex-spouses separated on May 17. At the same time, Internet users also knew about the so-called relationship that Laury has with Jérémy Frérot.

On Twitter, the reactions were not long in coming. Internet users felt that this moment was “extremely embarrassing”. Others still had trouble believing this rumor.

According to them, if this whole story of deception was true, Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot would have asked the production of TF1 to cut this passage during editing. To be continued…

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