Sandy (Married at first sight) already married before the show, the proof revealed!

Sandy (Married at first sight) already married before the show, the proof revealed!


A story in which Sandy had unveiled photos of her first marriage had recently been talked about on social networks. A series of images published by the young woman following a request from one of her fans. It is true that this candidate of Married at first sight had not really appeared in the assembly as it should. A situation that she had preferred to laugh about. This was also the case of her ex-husband Alexandre who had preferred to take things with a lot of derision. A behavior that distinguishes them from other candidates who have tackled the assembly of the production on several occasions. In particular Caroline or Emilie who deplore the fact that the images have conveyed a negative point of view towards them. They would have been the target of the most virulent criticism on the part of Internet users on several occasions.

A marriage that did not hold up

Sandy is a school teacher who wanted only one thing, to find love thanks to Married at first sight. The psychologists had therefore tried to find a person with whom she was compatible. What was done with Alexandre who perfectly matched his profile. The two candidates had therefore found themselves in front of the prefect of Gibraltar in order to say “yes” to each other for life. If they fell in love with each other since their first meeting, it was clear that their relationship did not last. They had also decided to divorce at the end of their assessment in the romance program of M6.

Sandy at her wedding/Instagram/@sandy_mapr6

Viewers are still struggling to understand why the production of Married at First Sight revealed so little about them. The latter who had nevertheless shown their interest in relation to the love story of Sandy and Alexandre. Just like Caroline and Axel, the two exes very quickly realized that they were not made for each other. History therefore repeated itself a second time for the young woman who had already been married when she was only 19 years old. Curious to know more about the past love of the candidate, Internet users had therefore preferred to ask her directly to show them photos of her first union.

A young woman always smiling

Particularly attentive to his fans, Sandy had therefore executed by posting some pictures of his first marriage. Photos in which she seemed radiant to perfection. The smile that appeared on her lips also testified to the manifest happiness in which she was immersed at that time. Too bad that this union did not hold up in the face of the vagaries of life. Just as was the case with her marriage to Alexander. If she is still so discreet about her private life, we do not know today if she has finally found the shoe that suits her. One thing is certain, it is with this characteristic smile that she approaches her life, despite her lack of luck in Married at first sight.

Many Internet users wanted to discover the identity of her darling, but she was careful not to reveal photos of her face. It will therefore be necessary for the moment to be satisfied with these shots of their hands with their respective wedding rings to get an idea of ​​​​this ceremony which had marked his life for the first time.

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