Stéphane Plaza (M6) au plus mal, victime d'un accident et plein tournage

Stéphane Plaza (M6) at its worst, victim of an accident and full filming

The first of July aired Stéphane Plaza’s new show. But as usual for the presenter, there were problems and nothing went as planned.

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Stéphane Plaza gay ?

At the moment, Stéphane Plaza has no rest. His love life is at the heart of many conversations. First for the number of conquests he had. It is true that the presenter is sometimes very close to its customers, sometimes a little too much for the taste of their husbands. And now he is suspected of not assuming his love orientation. Finally, he decides to clear up this point, although without shame if he had had another. “I’ve always let the rumor run and I’ve been asked the question for fifteen years. I clarified things because it was thought that I was hiding. I go to Gay Pride, i am for marriage for all, but i’m still heterosexual. There is no claim. It happened like that. Afterwards, will you believe me, that’s another story!”, he confided in the columns of TV Magazine.

Change everything or move?

Once this problem was solved, Stéphane Plaza was able to devote himself to his brand new show! He thus named the program broadcast by M6: Change everything or move ?

The concept is in the title, families will have a choice to make. They will have to decide between completely changing their property or leaving it and finding another one. Each will have to define its budget beforehand. This one will be used or to redo, or to move. The experts will therefore have as a limit the budget of each one to either renovate everything, or find a new home. In the show we will find Antoine Blandin as well as Sophie Ferjani. But if the family does not want to stay in the house then the renovation budget becomes the purchase budget.

Luck turns… or not

It is therefore this Friday, the first of July, that the first episode of the show aired on the M6 ​​channel. During this, the experts looked at the house, in order to evaluate it. So they were looking for its strengths and weaknesses. With a good analysis they would be able to hide the weak points and accentuate the strong ones. Unfortunately, one of the weak points was quite substantial. These were the visible beams. It is a real asset for houses, it gives cachet and charm. If the beams often catch the eye of buyers, the latter has especially typed in the head of Stéphane Plaza. It will still take a few moments before he regains his senses, emphasizing therefore to pay attention to the beams!

These images made viewers react a lot “Poor Stéphane never had any luck with the beams”, “Your version is better than that of the Canadians and the English” and also “I love the idea of ​​this show congratulations to the whole team it was great”. It must be said that Stéphane Plaza is known for his emissions but also for his legendary clumsiness. Many Internet users have had fun making compilations. At least Stephane Plaza is still having footage of him in the Great Blooper of the Year !

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