The Main Square Festival cuts the sound after four days of madness: our tops and our flops!

The Main Square Festival cuts the sound after four days of madness: our tops and our flops!


After four days of reunion, it’s time for Main Square to dismantle its three stages. We reassure you: the biggest festival in the region will be back next year. In the meantime, here are our publishing highs and lows.

> We liked…

The return of the party! « Salut Main Squaaaare ! “Three years that we had not heard this sentence shouted by the artists of the festival. And frankly, we missed her! More than 140,000 festival-goers passed through the gates of the citadel for four days to listen to their favorite bands and fill up on discoveries. Can not wait for next year.

Youngblub, SCH, LP… and great performances! The best moments of this 2022 vintage are not always those that were the most anticipated. Youngblud rocked the Main Stage on Thursday with his high-flying performance. We forgot the rain. Rapper SCH provided the show, as did DJ Snake closing the first evening with his long-awaited “wall of death” formed by the fans. M transcended the Place d’Armes.

LP ruffled the audience with their hit Lost On You. The French rockers of Last Train heated up the big stage on Sunday before handing it over to the regionals of Skip The Use. The American rockers Larkin Poe, all guitars out, or the impressive magnetism of Vald, who held the big stage almost alone and mixed generations. And the Twenty One Pilots were indeed the announced headliner. Very good!

The Stronghold. Like the festival-goers, we appreciated the setting and the charm of the third stage dedicated to emerging groups. It is the ideal complement to the Main Stage and Green Room to rest away from the jubilation and listen to artists like the Arrageois Baasta! and other regional ones, like Masstø or rapper Eesah Yasuke.

Security. 700 police officers, CRS, Sentinel and security agents; cameras filming the entire citadel and for the first time around fifty mediators. Nothing has been left to chance on the security side. On the contrary, the deterrent force seems to have paid off since the festival had remained, at the time of this writing on Sunday evening, relatively calm. Very important for a festival that attracts more and more young people.

Fluidity and cleanliness. The Main Square has clearly gained in experience since it is housed in the citadel of Arras. Except during peak hours, it is easy to travel between the two main stages. Easier to find your groups of friends. One can also appreciate the cleanliness of the site thanks to the seventy voluntary agents of the SMAV mobilized.

> We liked less…

The cancellation of the Pixies. It was “the” hard blow of this edition: the cancellation at the very last minute of the Pixies (cause Covid), one of the headliners and the “80’s” guarantee from Main Square. Festival director Armel Campagna spent a night of phone calls to find a replacement: The Inspector Cluzo. In the end, it was one of the best moments for the MSF!

Sting ! The Englishman was Friday night’s most anticipated star. We saw thousands of fans communing with the former The Police and it’s beautiful. Let’s be honest though, we could have expected more from Sting, who put on a linear show, without passion, without construction capable of fully embarking.

The rates. « Main Square is expensive “. Criticism comes back year after year, especially from the mouths of young people on a limited budget. With a 48 cl beer at €6.50 and meals at €10 or more, the wallet is empty… very quickly. But the MSF will recall for its part that the price of tickets has not increased for ages. This is probably the last year.

Sound disturbances between scenes. The example of the end of Sting’s concert is the most telling: the singer played Fragile on the acoustic guitar but the piece was partially covered by the bass of Henri PFR’s show, who was playing at the same time on the Green Room. The overlap happened several times. The effect is partly due to the main stage retreating about a meter this year. ” We will see this again “, promises the director of the event.

Queues to eat. Even if the site is expanding, even if the options for eating and drinking are numerous and varied, it was sometimes necessary to be patient to eat at peak times. Sunday evening, tens of meters of tail stretched for example in front of the chip shops located near the stage of the Bastion.

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