Comme des gosses: que vaut la nouvelle série de M6 qui remplace Scènes de ménages?

what is the new series of M6 which replaces Scenes of households worth?


CRITICAL – Ten years after the launch ofWith familythe private channel offers a new humorous fiction, to discover from this Monday evening.

M6 has always relied on short fiction and it has been quite successful. The success of series like Camera Café – which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year during a special prime-time – A camelt, Scenes of households or With family no longer needs to be proven.

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Ten years all round after launching the program featuring the Le Kervelec family, the Six offers, from this Monday, July 4, a brand new humorous fiction. baptized like kids and adapted from a Dutch format, it relates the daily life of a primary school with tasty and crazy characters, ranging from the irresponsible director to the ultra-rigid mistress through the parents of overwhelmed or overly involved pupils. “They try to pass themselves off as adults, that’s kind of what we all do anyway”notes Gaël Leforestier, screenwriter of the series with Béatrice Fournera (Parents manual ) and director. “They have reactions worthy of their dear toddlers but are endearing with their faults”. In all, we discover fifteen main characters (not counting the children) with diverse personalities, embodied by several comedians such as Élodie Pou, Antonia de Rendinger or even Doully and actors, all with impeccable acting.

A real team

200 episodes of 3 minutes and a half have been boxed. The opportunity for the actors to create strong bonds as well as an ease in the game which is felt on the screen. “There is a real chemistry between themcontinues Gaël Leforestier. We have the impression of having assembled a troupe that reminds me a little of that of the Splendid. There is a family side. They had fun while filming. We left them a part of improvisation which was kept on the screen. Over time, the children have also created a real relationship with their fictional teachers!”. Unlike most short programs, the filming took place outdoors, in an old school building, bringing a lot of realism: “The idea was for there not to be a single set but an entire universe. Everyone felt like they were in a real school”explains the director.

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26 authors worked on this series which, through humour, tackles many societal subjects such as homoparenthood, ordinary racism or the place of women. “What we liked was being able to talk about it in a cash way and I thank M6 for allowing us to go there quite hardnotes Gaël Leforestier again. There is also emotion in this series, moments of tenderness and humanity. I’m happy about it because it’s a bit unexpected in a comedy program.. All episodes of like kids will be broadcast for the next four weeks instead of Domestic sceness and before the return, in August, ofWith family which will celebrate its tenth anniversary. The rest will depend on the success of the series. In the meantime, Gaël Leforestier is already teeming with ideas for a hypothetical second season. To be continued…

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