your horoscope for Monday July 4, 2022

your horoscope for Monday July 4, 2022


Today in the heavens the Moon is in the sign of Virgo. After a crazy weekend in the sign of Leo, it calms the spirits!

Mercury and Mars are both changing constellations today. Mars leaves his astral home in the sign of Aries for a stay in the sign of Taurus where he will have less energy than before. As for the planet Mercury, it also finds itself less comfortable in its new residence in the sign of Cancer. She will see herself a little drowned by all this water… She who loves the air and the drought so much…

The Moon, very aspected today, will be affected on one side by the fog of Neptune which can lose us in reveries and non-existent chimeras. On the other hand, it makes a sympathetic contact with Uranus which allows us to feel free and legitimate with our own emotions.

Daily horoscope for July 4, 2022: love, health, work…


Your ruling planet leaves your sign today. It’s only a goodbye, but you will hardly live it. The good news for you is that it makes a beneficial aspect with Mercury, which will allow you to express yourself with ease and effectiveness on this day.


The planet Mars enters your sign today. A great opportunity to get back to sport or practice a physical activity. Uranus in your sign will give you a beautiful moment of freedom that you will savor in solitude.


The stay of Venus in your sign makes you irresistible in love. Moreover, he looks good on Jupiter, which increases your charms tenfold! Be careful, if you are already in a relationship, the Moon can play tricks on you by flirting in all directions! Stay safe.


With the beneficial influence of the solar star passing through your zodiac sign at the moment, you are in top form. It’s a good day to believe in yourself and trust your intuitions. Long-hidden feelings for someone from your past may resurface today.


The Sun is still in the sign of Cancer, we invite you to favor flexibility and open-mindedness today. Your sign is one of the most stubborn in the zodiac, and it’s no secret. But disputes over money could arise because of the Moon in your house of finances. If the sum in question does not make a difference in your life, let the problem pass.


The Moon in your sign awakens in you an extreme sensitivity that will allow you to better understand your emotions in love. Nevertheless, be wise and do not act today, because Neptune in Pisces makes an opposition to the star of the night, which could mislead you.


Little Libra leaning towards several hearts… The stars send you too many opportunities in love, but you can’t have everything, and there, your eyes are bigger than your stomach. You have to make a choice today otherwise you risk losing everything tomorrow…


The influence of the king star in a sign of the same element assures you of the benevolence of the planets today. You may feel a little nervous because of your two ruling planets, Pluto and Mars in tension aspect, but that won’t ruin your day.


Mars in Taurus enters your house of health. It will be a question of checking the balance between pleasures and well-being in your life today. Take stock of your general health without delay.


Pluto in tension with Mars affects you more than expected today. A family problem is bothering you. Be careful not to get carried away by negative emotions, especially with your loved ones and family.


Saturn and Mercury in harmonious dialogue will allow you today to express your desires in the most spontaneous and original way possible. Take the opportunity to chat on this day, your conversations will have a lot of meaning. Good time to study.


Try not to accept everyone’s opinion, all the time. It’s important to get advice, but people have an opinion on everything, and that can confuse you, especially with Neptune in retrograde in your sign! Look for your own truth within you.

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