a hotly contested game between "Vigo" Dubois and "Maïky" Molinas

a hotly contested game between “Vigo” Dubois and “Maïky” Molinas


After the very nice confrontation between Rocher and Ribeiro, we invite you to follow a family game between the team of “Vigo” Dubois with Tyson Molinas against their cousins ​​Maiky Molinas and his father “Mamour”.

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

Vigo Dubois approaches his first ball from the cork. Maïky Molinas chained a sixth consecutive winning shot. Little waste from the six players at this point in the game. Tyson misses his shot attempt. But Ligan Doerr still manages a very nice shot to the point by touching the cork a little. Second shot for Tyson and second failure, and that makes the difference in this lead in favor of the Molinas team. Ligan Doerr comes to cork his last ball and Maïky Molinas does not tremble. He hits the ball and the cork. They have two balls left in their hands. The score goes to 8-4 for Mamour.

Maïky Molinas is in the process of raising his level of play. Even if he is sometimes embarrassed by the movements of the spectators in the stands, he dismisses a ball from Vigo Dubois, rather badly placed, and then what about his diamond on the spot on the second, a model of its kind. Opposite, Ligan Doerr is perfect in point. And it’s Baldwin Magny who tries his luck twice to shoot a single ball. The lead is well paid for the Molinas family and Baldwin Magny with two more points. 6 to 4 on the scoreboard.

A magnificent point from Mamour Molinas provokes two shots from Tyson Molinas, who misses the first and makes a square on the spot in the second. Maïky Molinas shoots in turn and takes out the ball and the cork. The lead is cancelled.

Very nice extra leads for Vidfo Dubois and Ligan Doerr who force Maïky Molinas and Baldwin Magny to hit with precision. Mamour is not outdone in terms of point quality, he makes a front of the ball which forces Tyson Molinas to point. Baldwin Magny closes this very pretty lead with a ball stuck to the stopper. Two points for the Molinas team. Four points everywhere.

The stopper is at 9m90, and Antoine Dubois approaches ten centimeters behind the goal. Maïky Molinas does not tremble and he hits the ball and the stopper. The lead is cancelled.

Vigo Dubois makes his opponents miserable with two balls very well played. Maïky Molinas misses her shot and leads her to the side of the five-time World Cup winner. Tyson Molinas remains on a very high shooting average with a not obvious strike in a “moulon” of balls. Ligan Doerr and Tyson Molinas hit two more balls. Timing is important and this lead can pay off and that’s the case with three points. The Dubois team takes the lead 4 to 2.

The 4th lead begins with a nice point from Mamour Molinas. Tyson responds with a diamond and the stopper goes out of play. The end is called off.

The stopper is quite far away and this complicates the task of the two pointers who until then had achieved a faultless result. Honestly the quality goes down a notch. And it is the team that applies the most that will score one more point. in this case the triplet of Mamour Molinas. 2 to 1 for father and son.

The second act begins with a duel between the pointer Mamour Molinas and the opposing sniper Tyson Molinas who strikes twice. Baldwin Magny plays his two balls to win a point, and the advantage returns for the Dubois triplet. Ligan Doerr has a failed shot. The lead is always balanced. Vigo Dubois puts on his “point magician” costume and does a magnificent “devant-de-boule”. Maïky Molinas tries to hit, but he misses the ball. On his second ball, he made a “split” on Dubois’ ball, and he scored two points in one shot before Doerr’s last ball which struck but took away only one point. A point everywhere between the two teams.

The stopper is at 8.50m and Vigo Dubois starts with a ball rather well played, but Mamour Molinas comes close to the goal. Tyson Molinas comes in and hits perfectly. He even does it again a few moments later on a cover of Mamour. Maïky Molinas also takes his first shot on a point from Dubois, he hits, and the former world champion has to work again on another perfect point from Vigo, but this time he misses his shot. Baldwin Magny points twice with a great success. But what a response from David “Ligan” Doerr who literally bursts his opponent’s ball! A point for the Dubois team which leads 1 to 0.

More former winners of the Marseillaise on the Carré d’honneur France 3, with Antoine Dubois known as “Vigo” one of the best scorers on the circuit, winner five times here in Marseille, one of the most beautiful awards, accompanied by Tyson Molinas, who won here in 2018, and Ligan Doerr, an extremely complete player. A triplet full of ambition in this 2022 World Cup, but who will have a hard time facing players capable of outsmarting their opponents since Fernand Molinas known as “Mamour” and his son Maïky, former world champion with Switzerland, dream of put their names together on the list of winners of this prestigious competition.

The two Molinas are evolving this year with Baldwin Magny, and for the moment, their journey has not been too complicated.

A beautiful poster that promises to be very balanced.

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