Can the Clippers join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

Can the Clippers join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?


You could not miss the bombshell that fell on the NBA on June 30, a few hours before the opening of the Free Agency. Kevin Durant asked his franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, for his trade. But now the more important question is: where could it go? And how to carry out such a historic transfer? Right away, zoom in on the Los Angeles Clippers and their possibilities to get KD back.

Friday June 30, 2022, 8:49 p.m. French time, the explosion falls.

Kevin Durant wants to leave Brooklyn, time is running out and Coco wants to win more rings. After the time of the exploding thermometer, the entire TrashTalk editorial team has therefore asked themselves THE question that torments us all… but where the hell will KD pursue his career? To do this, and because we like to push the delirium as far as possible, we have collectively decided to look at all the NBA franchises. Yes yes, all the franchises: 29 detailed articles, with a quick overview of what could happen.

Make way for Kawhi Leonard’s Clippers.

# Why would the Clippers go for KD?

Because the Clippers for a few years have been chaining disappointments in the Playoffs. And after a very rotten 2021-22 season without Kawhi and without Paulo George at the start of the year, it would be high time to get back into the race and be in good shape to play for the title, if possible from the next deadline. And for that, why not add KD to the roster to create a crazy major five and go grab a first title under the nose of LeBron James’ rival Lakers? We would do everything to hear Kawhi’s laugh again during a parade of champions, right? HAHAHAHA.

# Which players are unavailable?

Surprisingly the biggest player and contract on the roster is unattainable for the Nets. If Kevin Durant arrives in LA, it’s to play with his Hollywood stars and get a new bagouze. At his side, a lot of people but people who will not have too much trouble getting replaced. Yes, even Paul George should not sleep on his two ears in July. A notice from Woj one morning while having breakfast and it’s off to Brooklyn for PG13.

# Which Clippers players could catch the Nets’ attention?

  • Paul George, Terance Mann

If KD were to pack up and move to Venice Beach, it’s hard to see how he, Kawhi and Paulo could play together knowing they play similar positions. Kevin Durant arrives and we’re going to look for a title, we’re not here to string pearls and step on each other’s toes. So unfortunately we have to sacrifice a member of the Kawhi-PG duo, and it’s not Kawhi who will have to move. Paul George has good value in the market, Brooklyn is going to want to launch a new cycle full of fire and youth, so it’s hard to see how a newly married 30-something is going to help them start from scratch… that’s why the Nets would not say no to recover the best kid of the Clippers who already has some NBA experience in his legs, Mr. Terance Mann.

# Do they have Draft picks to offer them?

At the Clippers, there are still a few picks left but of the next four Drafts, they will all be in the second round because Sam Presti stole all the first-round picks when he sent Paulo to LA. Some can still be traded but the GM of the Thunder still won the bet. But if the Nets still want to project themselves even further than the Los Angeles Olympics and scratch a 2029 pick, they can.

  • Paul George
  • Jason Preston
  • Terance Mann
  • Pick in the first round of the 2027 Draft

After the departure of Kevin Durant, the Nets will want to revive. So why not offer them a new ready-to-use franchise player. If this package is put on the table, there is little chance that Sean Marks will refuse it, but are the Clippers really ready to let go of Paul George? This is the big question. If this trade is the key to the first title in franchise history, the departure of PG13 would be a blessing in disguise, like DeMar DeRozan and the Raptors four years ago. Is the Los Angeles GM ready to go all-in and drop a major player to potentially grab a ring? The Nets, they already have the phone in hand ready to accept the exchange.

Kevin Durant on the Los Angeles side? In fact, nothing is impossible and as a famous philosopher from Hérault said: it is by doing anything that you become anyone. To acquire KD, the Clippers know in any case what they have to do. So, is it tempting or not?

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