offers up to 52% on CRO staking, but fails to prevent Cronos price drop. offers up to 52% on CRO staking, but fails to prevent Cronos price drop.

Advertisements recently rebranded its CRO utility token to Cronos, as part of the chain’s decentralization. Despite the recent rebranding and $2 million staking reward allocation for the token, Cronos continued its downward trend. reveals new staking program, offers free NFTs and returns of up to 52%.

On February 18, announced the renaming of its native CRO token from “ coin” to Cronos. The stock Exchange announced that this name change reflects the decentralized nature of the token. claims that Cronos blockchain delivery is faster than Ethereum mainnet transactions, providing a better opportunity for the growth of dApps and smart contracts on the blockchain. See the article: Investors are backing Salad Ventures, a gaming and income giant, with a commitment of $13.5 million..’s share price posted losses of 17% over the past week, and the rebranding failed to prevent further declines in the utility token. has launched a new program, “Bitcoin Supercharger 10x bonus booster, following rebranding exercise”. The exchange allocated $2 million for rewards and invited users to stake Cronos and earn bitcoin rewards. has offered up to 52% return to investors in this program.

The promoters expected the event to act as a bullish catalyst for the price of Cronos. The token suffered a drop to $0.41 over the weekend.

Central Charts analysts assessed the Cronos price trend and predicted a continuation of the downward trend. As Cronos price breaks every support, the downtrend is further confirmed. In the short term, analysts have a bearish view on the price of Cronos and set a target of $0.33 for the token

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