Durk, Maurel and Prud'homme eliminated by the Sarnelli triplet

Durk, Maurel and Prud’homme eliminated by the Sarnelli triplet


These 16th finals kept their promises with surprises, such as the elimination of the Quintais triplet and that of Maison Durk.

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The game started long before the afternoon kickoff sounded.

And from the first lead, the tone is set. Florian Sarnelli, Jeremy Hubert and Joakim Scholl directly put 4 points to Durk, Maurel and Prud’homme.

While this morning, Pierre Maurel was pointing very well, this afternoon, it’s winded. On the side of Kévin Prud’homme even if he remains good it is not 100% unlike the start of the day.

And Mason Durk will make three “caps”, infuriatingly prompting comments from the public.

Opposite, consistency is required for the triplet Florian Sarnelli, Jeremy Hubert and Joakim Scholl. They point well, they shoot correctly with this cadence, they impose a sustained and effective rhythm which gives this game a completely different turn than that imagined on paper.

“It’s a very big team, we thought the game would be very tough, but luckily it went well for us. We started well from the start. We knew that in these Round of 16, we had to send everything . So now on to the sequel”, detailed Joakim Sholl.

And the public was not mistaken in coming en masse to attend this game.

Two referees are also present to enforce the limits of the field, to the spectators who push not to miss a crumb.

After the good harvest of the first end, the Sarnelli triplet gleans a point on end 2.

Lead 3 is cancelled, then two points in lead 4 bring the score up to 6-0, the next lead is 8-0.

On the next end, the trio Durk, Maurel and Prud’homme seem to be back in the game. they score a point.

The next end is canceled for a released cork.

The 9th lead is largely encouraging for the Durk triplet where they score three points, bringing the score to 4-8.

But hope will fall, the next lead is won by Sarnelli and his partners who score two additional points. 10-4.

All attempts to come back will be undermined with sometimes lack of success and luck on certain balls.

At the end of the game, the referee takes out the meter very regularly. 4-11 on the penultimate lead.

The news of the elimination of Quintais spreads… and Everyone begins to think that we are also witnessing that of Durk, Prud’homme and Maurel… without words but with looks that say a lot… hope is definitely showered on the last lead, 13-4.

At the end of the game, the 3 partners return to the facts of the game which undoubtedly tipped the game. There are regrets.

“We don’t start the first end very well, we ran out of points. We are on an end, we are 3 balls to two, we defend 3, Pierre does not want to shoot, Pierre loses the point and then suddenly we doesn’t score on the end and we made a few errors in the game and then we lose, that’s it…”details with disappointment Maison Durke.

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