Generating leads: the Icarus Media Digital method


And leads, what is it?

A lead is a potential customer. It is also known as prospect. The meaning of this term may vary from company to company. Some will refer to an already established customer, while others will consider it a business contact. Employees are in charge of converting as many leads as possible, in order to achieve a good conversion rate. Icarus Digital Media implements various strategies in order to attract quality prospects, but also in order to develop its online business.

Optimize SEO using SEO

The first strategy Icarus Media Digital uses is search engine optimization. This is SEO, which helps attract qualified prospects to a site from search results. This requires using keywords that are relevant, but also that are related to the activity carried out. The main objective remains to provide a solution to the leads. It will also be necessary to take care of the multimedia contents, as well as their size and the general architecture of a site. Netlinking campaigns can be a good way to increase your natural referencing.

Social networks and advertising

Icarus Media Digital also highlights the importance of advertising on social networks. These have an important leverage effect in the development of notoriety and the generation of qualified leads. Communicating in a corporate way is also an issue, and it is in particular for this that it is possible to find Icarus Media Digital on Twitter.

In the same way that Google Ads, Bing Ads and PPC are big vectors of acquisition and business, social networks make it possible to highlight content to a specific target. It is determined according to several criteria such as demographics, age and interests. It will therefore be a question of choosing the platform best suited to its target, as explained by Icarus Media Digital. For example, if your company is in the B2B sector, you will have every interest in communicating via LinkedIn.

​​​​​​​Call to Action, to convert visitors into leads

The company Icarus Media Digital finally puts forward the Call to Action (CTA) as a means of converting visitors into leads. They will have to agree with the sector of activity in which you evolve and be in agreement with the marketing stakes. But to find the CTA that will bring the best conversion rateit will be necessary to carry out several tests and analyze them.

Attracting new leads has a positive impact on businesses. This makes it possible to generate new sales and revitalize an activity. These strategies and skills of Icarus Media Digital allow the company to develop new businesses and invest in those with strong potential.
If you want to learn more about lead generation or techniques to improve the number of conversions, find Icarus Media Digital on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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