his secrets about the terrible trauma of his son

his secrets about the terrible trauma of his son


Kad Merad: his secrets about the terrible trauma of his son (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Monday, July 7, Kad Merad is showing the film “RTT” on France 3. The opportunity to come back to the rare confidences of the actor. Because if he is a hit in the cinema, he has observed for years an almost religious discretion when it comes to talking about his family. And it was during a sadly famous event that Kad Merad opened up about his son’s difficulties…

Kad Merad is a fulfilled man. On the career side, everything seems to be successful for him. The same goes for his love life. If he has been in a relationship for several years now with host Julia Vignali, the actor is the proud father of Khalil, born in 2004 from his past love with Emmanuelle Cosso. A father hen who one day found himself helpless in the face of his child’s trauma.

Video. The Minute of Kad Merad

A night of horror

“It’s terrifying, but we are ready to do anything to save the lives of our kids,” said Kad Merad in the columns of Le Parisien. And to outbid those of Télé 7 jours: “We don’t touch my son!”

It must be said that it is sometimes difficult, as a parent, to approach the world in which children grow up and which can be so cruel. Kad Merad knows something about it. On Friday, November 13, 2015, the night when Paris bled to its core under the bullets of terrorists, the actor trembled like all French people. “I was at home with my son on one side. I’m not going to tell you about my life, but I had two people at the Bataclan. Two relatives who are alive, who were among those people who took refuge for three hours in a microscopic lodge with 50, 60 people without knowing if in the middle there was not a terrorist… who lived 3 hours… we can’t imagine what it is in fact… who were freed by the police not knowing if they were terrorists. (…) It was brutal from start to finish” he confided to the microphone of Europe 1.

Like all survivors of the attacks, it took time to put the horror into words. This is the case for those close to Kad Merad, holed up in the Bataclan for endless hours: “When they tell you what they have been through, it’s chilling, abominable. You can’t imagine (…) I had another friend who was on one of the terraces who was machine-gunned, who got away with it and who was injured. I was touched very closely by this event.”

Alone with his son that night of November 13, 2015, Kad Merad quickly took the measure of this blind violence. The repercussions, he knows them well, since the little Khalil, then 11 years old, suffered them full force. How, at such a young age, to understand what adults do not understand? “My son was traumatized for years having nightmares because he saw live on TV,” said Kad Merad. Since then, if the pain is still as intense when the subject is broached, Kad Merad and his son have built an infallible balance. “My son wants to be a director and I try to support him. There is nothing more beautiful than having a real passion, even if it is difficult” he proudly declared in 2021.

Love at first sight with Julia Vignali

After his twenty years of marriage with Emmanuelle Cosso, the actor fell in love with Julia Vignali in 2014, when he was invited on the set of C à vous on France 5. Came to promote the film “Supercondriaque “, Kad Merad almost missed out on this crush, since Julia Vignali then replaced Anne-Sophie Lapix. “The first time I approached her physically, that’s there. I won’t say afterwards how it happened (…) And then we don’t necessarily highlight this story. We have a private life, children. And I don’t want to tell everything, “he explained on the airwaves of RTL, still very attached to his private life.

Video. Julia Vignali returns to her interview with her companion, Kad Merad, in Télématin: “it was embarrassing”

Today, Julia Vignali is at the controls of “Télématin” on France 2, while Kad Merad continues to chain roles on the small and big screen. With Khalil and Luigi, the son of Julia Vignali born in 2008, the lovers spin the perfect love. As for those who try to find out more about their life projects, the answer is always very clear. As in 2019, when Julia Vignali had demolished rumors about a baby project in the Gala columns: “No, my family is not going to grow. Between us, we are almost 100 years old. We are an old couple , but we are lucky to be a young couple in our heads. So we will take advantage of this new youth that love brings us, but it will not lead to a new birth. horizon.” It is said !

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