How to be up to date on digital trends?


With the increase in automation tools and the evolution of algorithms, the digitalization of companies has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years.

According to a study conducted by Infosys Knowledge Institute (IKI), more than 90% of companies have adopted digital tools to achieve their objectives.

To take advantage of digital trends and emerging technologies, companies must rethink and update their marketing strategies in real time.

Discover below some practical recommendations to put in place to improve your digital strategy according to new trends.

Follow a qualified training in digital marketing

Digital marketing today represents a real lever that allows companies to improve their image and remain competitive. However, this task implies in particular the mastery of a certain number of skills and knowledge on the digital level. Faced with this situation, it is recommended to take a course in digital marketing to pay better adapt to new trends.

With such training, the adoption of new trends related to automation software or algorithms integrates your marketing strategy on an ongoing basis. To do this, it is advisable to opt for a reference training organization that will allow you to have the necessary knowledge on digital topics.

Take a digital marketing course

The digital marketing training modules are suitable for people who want to manage or increase the visibility of their brand, services or products online. With regard to the profiles eligible for this type of learning, we have in particular:

  • directors and marketing and communication managers,
  • product and marketing and communication project managers,
  • design or customer service managers in a communication agency…

By following this type of training with a qualified organization, you can effectively integrate digital into your marketing-communication strategy while updating it in real time. She understands modules focused on the challenges of digital for companies, the development of an e-marketing plan, the levers of acquisition and customer loyalty

At the end of this type of training, you can master the fundamental knowledge of Web marketingwhich will allow you to choose your service providers and automation tools well according to new digital trends. You can also effectively ensure the operational management of your actions without any complacency.

digital training marketing trends

The other particularity of this type of learning is linked to the possibility of following your training online via a dedicated platform from your computer or smartphone. This option allows you to adapt your training to your schedule and your pace of knowledge assimilation.

Optimize your web presence with interactive content

Over the years, interactive content has increasingly occupied a prominent place in digital marketing. It’s one of the digital trends that is more likely to go viral and convert leads into customers than traditional content. Among the interactive content that can help you stay ahead of your competition, we have virtual reality videos, 3D images, infographics, surveys, questionnaires

These different contents are incentives and allow you to effectively improve your conversion rate. The interactive nature of these types of content contributes to the strengthening the link between prospects or customers and the brand concerned. It also allows your Internet users to clearly identify the message you want to convey or the product to present. This is why it is advisable to offer very original and qualitative content to better stand out.

To create interactive content, it is important to properly identify the needs of your targets in advance. Take into account the most common worries and concerns of your Internet users and customers. When opting for interactive content, remember to diversify your digital strategy. In creating your content, use relevant keywords and insert redirect links to your social media pages. You should also encourage reviews from your readers on a regular basis.

Opt for social media video advertising

With the rise of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and even YouTube, the video format is becoming more or less popular and effective in attracting the attention of Internet users.

According to a recent study conducted by eMarketer, most Internet users opt for services from a company or buy a product after watching a video.

For your information, the platforms which were mainly focused on images have now become a stream filled with videos.

video advertising influence on the purchasing power of Internet users and effectively promotes the conversion of your prospects into customers. It allows companies to highlight the features and benefits of their brands or products. Individuals can use video ads to showcase their respective skills.

To make video advertising a substantial part of your digital strategyyou can combine traditional posts with “stories”. Most social channels have a feature that allows businesses and individuals to share posts that are only available for 24 hours. With such functionality, it is possible to regularly share more authentic and raw messages to increase your conversion rate.

Add a chatbot to your website

New trends related to artificial intelligence (AI) have given conversational marketing a huge boost. These include a dialogue-based style of communication to drive prospect engagement.

Artificial intelligence helps companies focus on important tasks at the expense of repetitive marketing processes.

chatbot digital marketing trend

Beyond traditional methods such as email exchanges and personalized media, automated chatbots are effective in improving your corporate communication strategy. Chatbots reveal themselves more cost-effective and have the capacity to process nearly 90% of queries client.

Besides these aspects, chatbots can be synchronized on several platforms, both Facebook, Twitter… However, it is important to choose a chatbot that suits your customers’ preferences for convincing results.

Integrate voice search into your marketing campaign

voice search is a handy feature that allows users to query certain information hands-free. With the creation of products such as Google Home, Alexa or Google Assistantover a third of web searches are voice searches. Most Internet users use this feature to find information on brands, products, companies, etc.

Integrate voice search

With the emergence of this feature, it is important to optimize your content for voice search. This task differs in particular from optimizing for text search.

It consists of rethink your search engine optimization strategy by adopting a conversational style and well-targeted keywords. To do this, do not hesitate to update your “Google My Business” account on a regular basis.

Prioritize environmentally friendly marketing

To stay in step with social trends, it is important to offer environmentally friendly offers and products. Modern consumers especially opt for sustainable products from certified companies. For this, it is recommended to integrate green ideas into your corporate culture.

Through your social media feeds or marketing materials, you must show that your structure supports green initiatives. Be as transparent as possible with your customers regarding information about your products or services.

On the other hand, when you deploy a new digital strategy, do not hesitate to analyze your web performance with specific indicators. This may include the traffic rate of your site, the conversion rate, the Return on Investment (ROI), the SEO ranking… This allows you to readjust your digital strategy and adapt to new trends as you go. measure.

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