"I did it to avoid serious collateral damage"

“I did it to avoid serious collateral damage”


Franck Sémonin was convicted of violence after trying to protect his brother. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage)

Star of “Plus Belle La Vie” and “Research Section”, Franck Sémonin plays the guest stars in the episode of “Camping Paradis” this Monday, July 4, 2022. However, a few years ago, the actor received a conviction that could have ruined his career, when he had acted for the good cause.

Franck Sémonin is one of the faces that viewers know by heart, as he is present on the small screen. The actor has chained successful roles in all kinds of television series, and his career is a reference for his peers. Still just as popular with the public, the actor nevertheless went through a particularly difficult ordeal in the mid-2010s. At that time, he was arrested and convicted of violence after a fight. However, it was not with lightness of heart that he resorted to his fists: he simply did it to protect a loved one.

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Franck Sémonin wanted to protect his brother

The facts date back to 2014. That year, Franck Sémonin received a two-month suspended prison sentence, following a fight in a nightclub in Le Mans, in June 2010. The case then made the headlines of the tabloid press, and the actor’s reputation took a hit. But, a year after the facts, the main interested party decided to make a small point and explain his act. In an interview with Télé Poche, he says: “I had simply defended my brother, by being violent, of course, but to avoid serious collateral damage. Namely that he has his throat cut by a broken glass and that his attacker serve fifteen years in the placard for intentional homicide.”

Indeed, he claims that the man he attacked was drunk and violent. “A moment ago, you have to know how to make a decision quickly and well. I took one, it was perhaps not the best, but it was to ward off the worst. Result, it’s on me let the worries fall away. I take note of it.” Franck Sémonin had also fully assumed his gesture in court, since he pleaded guilty, which had allowed him to assume his sentence and avoid going through the prison box.

Regrets concerning the defense of people in danger

In the interview, Franck Sémonin claimed, however, to retain a bitter taste for the attitude of the local journalist, who had caused the affair to burst. “As I am in the media, this little journalist from Maine Libre, who wanted to be lathered up, made me pass for a hyperviolent baltringue. He did not specify that the guy opposite weighed a hundred kilos and that he was drunk .” He also believes that there is a real problem from a legal point of view concerning people who take the defense of “third parties in danger”, and are therefore not concerned by self-defense: “The thing crazy is that today, if I see a granny being attacked, that I put the head of his assailant in the gutter, I take two months in jail if he files a complaint!

An argument that has been put forward many times, particularly in the context of the fight against street harassment, since many people claim to be reluctant to act when they are witnesses, for fear of legal reprisals. For his part, Franck Sémonin did rather well: in addition to the two months suspended prison sentence, the actor was also sentenced to a fine of 300 € and to pay the sum of 2,000 € to the victim in compensation. of his damage, plus legal costs. His opponent, a farmer from Sarthe in his thirties injured in the face, had meanwhile been issued with a total incapacity for work (ITT) for three days.


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