Jean Reno au plus mal, fin de vie à 73 ans…

Jean Reno at his worst, end of life at 73 years old…

Jean Reno returns to our screens with the series “All these things we didn’t say to each other”. The actor has behind him a fine career both in France and in the United States. He has already been nominated three times for the César for best actor. Today, he is 73 years old and in good health. Nevertheless, the loss of two people with whom he has already worked frightens him.

An internationally renowned actor

Jean Reno is one of the great stars of French cinema. Coming from an Andalusian family, he took his first steps in the film industry thanks to Luc Besson. The latter offered him roles in films that marked the beginning of his career. During his professional career, he met Christian Clavier with whom he formed a shock duo in comedy films.

From the 90s, Jean Reno enjoyed success in Hollywood. It was with the film Léon that he began a career outside France. Alongside the 46-year-old actor at the time was the beautiful and famous Natalie Portman. She was still very young and it was one of her first movie roles. The film was a resounding success.

Since then, Jean Reno has played in many films which have had great success. This is how he made a name for himself internationally. More recently, he was a cast member of a Mexican series produced by Netflix. In the series titled “Who killed Sara”, he plays the role of a cruel doctor. The series aired last May.

Jean Reno is coming to Amazon Prime to star in a Spanish thriller. “Un Asunto Privado” translated into French as “a private affair will be about a young woman from high society who decides to pursue a serial killer. She will be accompanied by her faithful butler who will be played by Jean Reno. Jean Reno’s program is full. Next fall, another series with this actor will be broadcast on C8.

A series where he will be a human robot

Jean Reno will again be on the small French screen. With the serial adaptation of Marc Levy’s novel, Jean Reno will be alongside Alexandra Maria Lara. She plays the role of her daughter.

The book “All these things we didn’t say to each other” was published in May 2008. This eighth novel by Marc Levy will be adapted into a series of a few episodes of about 30 minutes.

Jean Reno will play the role of a deceased father who will return in the form of an android. He will take the opportunity to spend time with his daughter and make up for it by telling her all the things he couldn’t tell her during his lifetime. The series will be available on Canal+ from July 19, 2022.

On the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the father of six children was interviewed by Le Parisien. During this interview, which took place on June 22, the actor confided in his vision of the inevitable departure that is death. He claimed to be against changing history and going back.

“I saw the Ricky Gervais show, ‘Supernature’, on Netflix, and he brings up this subject. Who are we to change history? Do we take ourselves for God? It’s a real question. Me, I would say no. The human, if he did not die, he would not live, ”he confided.

He then explained that at his age, this sentence is difficult for him to accept. Continuing his remarks, he indicated that he was at an age where “we think about death every day. Jean Reno says he is happy to be in the series which talks about the family. Himself not having had a father-son relationship that he would have liked to have with his father.

Jean Reno facing death

Death can be scary. In the case of Jean Reno, the events that have occurred recently amplify his anxieties to the point of not sleeping. It is about the death of two great actors in French cinema: Michel Bouquet and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

“Trintignant, he left, Bouquet too… Bouquet, he came to see me at the Paris theater when I was there with Richard Berry. Bouquet, damn! My teacher ! “, confided Jean Reno.

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