Joël and Laurie's wedding will surprise you... and break a record!

Joël and Laurie’s wedding will surprise you… and break a record!


This Monday, July 4, M6 viewers will have the pleasure of discovering the fifth season of Married at first sight… Belgian version! Just like their French comrades, several candidates from beyond Quiévrain have indeed put their sentimental future in the hands of expert psychologists. Joël and Laurie’s marriage will have an unexpected outcome…

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It’s not just in France that the romance show Married at first sight caused a sensation. On the side of our Belgian neighbors, there are many candidates to lend themselves to the game and to let themselves be guided by the calculations of expert psychologists in the hope of finally finding a soul mate. This Monday, July 4, viewers and fans of the concept will be able to discover on M6 these new candidates straight from the flat country. Attention spoilers. For the most impatient before the launch of this fifth season, here is the first information on one of the key couples of the game. It is Laurie and Joël, compatible at 83.9%. Although the estimated percentage is high between them, the two candidates only stayed married… 24 hours! A nice record! This seriously calls into question the effectiveness of the concept! Even our national Carolina held out longer, that is to say! Enough with the jokes. We investigated the reasons that led the couple to separate so quickly, and here is what we learned…

The problem is not him, it’s me

In the pages of the Belgian newspaper Sud Info, Laurie returned to her first impressions when discovering Joël at the town hall. Even though the crush clearly wasn’t invited to the wedding, the contestant said of her ex-husband: “He has charisma, respondent.“However, it would seem that these two qualities were not enough to charm the young woman over time. Thus, after admitting that in everyday life the candidate would never have caught her attention, Laurie gradually returned on his decision by stating: “The problem is not him, it’s me!“Before explaining that she had underestimated the magnitude of such a commitment by registering for the show. Like Jennifer, Laurie had terrible doubts once married. Unable to show the slightest gesture of affection to the one whom she had just married, the Belgian candidate preferred to cut it short and divorce, unlike her Lille counterpart…

Nice to see the pictures

As is the tradition of the program, divorced or married, the candidates meet after the filming of the show to take stock of their experience. Without an ounce of bitterness, Joël and Laurie discovered the pictures of their wedding ceremony. It is with a smile on their lips and in unison that the ex-spouses confided: “It’s nice to see the pictures, there was a nice atmosphere.“Failing to have found love, the candidates today seem to be linked by a beautiful friendship and a certain complicity. Finally, all is well that ends well!

Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias.

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