Des médecins étaient présents sur le site du Garorock où 52 piqûres sauvages ont été enregistrées sur 4 jours

Marmande. Case of wild bites at the Garorock festival: what we know


Doctors were present at the Garorock site where 52 wild bites were recorded over 4 days (©The Republican 47)

Difficult to date to determine the exact number of wild bites during the four days of the festival Garorock at Marmande. From June 30 to July 3, 2022, 140,000 spectators attended the dantesque shows of big headliners such as DJ Snake, Stromae, Orelsan, M, etc.

During the traditional press briefing at the end of Garorock, Sunday, the organizers wanted to reassure on this “mini-psychosis”, as described by Christophe Sabotpresident of Olympia Production around cases of wild bites.

Bad taste jokes?

At this time of the festival, around twenty cases of wild bites were recorded, “there is no inoculation, no substance” continues the organizer, detailing:

“People who wanted blood or serological tests were accompanied by the organization to carry them out. There was no injection of hazardous materials. These are people who have fun creating psychosis using compasses , of a tool that stings, there is no injection”

Christophe Sabotpresident of Olympia Production

Awaiting blood results

Words to reassure, but which are to be taken with tweezers. Indeed, according to the authorities, it is impossible to confirm that no product was inoculated. If blood samples have been taken, the results of the analyzes are not yet known.

Of all the bite reports, some actually had nothing to do with needles. It could be insect bites for example.

52 certified needle sticks, 15 complaints lodged

On the other hand, 52 injections were made with needles. The doctors, present on the spot, certified them. In fact, health professionals initiated the procedure to be followed by redirecting the victims to judicial police officers to hear them.

15 complaints were filed resulting in as many blood tests. The results are not yet known. For the time being, it is impossible to know whether a product has been inoculated or not.

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Men and women targeted

The facts have affected men and women without distinction. A few cases have been committed in the camping area, most of them at concerts. The victims did not show any particular symptoms.

Despite these incidents, the 25th anniversary of Garorock brought together 140,000 festival-goers over four days, including 94,000 campers. After two years of absence, it’s a big comeback for the Marmande festival.

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