"My life is nightmarish": Françoise Hardy confides in her illness!

“My life is nightmarish”: Françoise Hardy confides in her illness!


The fight against cancer continues for Françoise Hardy who had recently confided in the subject of the life she led with the disease. This pathology from which she suffered for many years would, according to her, have made her existence nightmarish. Glad she is now in remission. However, the side effects of the 45 radiation therapy sessions she had undergone were irreversible. His entire ENT area would indeed lack irrigation. As a result, his nose and mouth repeatedly became parched. If she spends most of her time eating because of the lack of saliva, the risk of hemorrhage is still present because of the lack of irrigation at the level of the mucous membranes. This, despite the effects of the cream that she applies several times a day to solve the problem.

A particularly difficult ordeal

Françoise Hardy announced her cancer in 2019. News that had greatly upset her fans. Especially when we know that she managed to overcome her cancer of the lymphatic system and that she was attacked by a new pathology at the level of the pharynx. This disease would be according to the singer all that there was more sneaky. We can think that the tumor is eradicated. However, it is likely to return at any time without you necessarily expecting it. Either way, the effects of the shock treatment she received to halt the progression of the cancer were much stronger than the disease itself. That’s why there was a time when she wanted to end it with euthanasia.

Dying in her sleep would be the best way for Françoise Hardy to leave. She also has a very subjective vision of death which she has categorized into two very distinct parts. According to her, the death of the body would only be a means for the spirit to free itself from the attachments of the material world. If in a way, she has not hidden the fact of being afraid of dying, it is above all the fact of being definitively separated from her loved ones that worries her the most. This is why she gave up making her voice heard in relation to euthanasia because she finally wants to live for her son and her darling whom she loves above all in the world.

Music is everything for Françoise Hardy

The fight therefore continues for Françoise Hardy and what saddens her the most undoubtedly lies in the fact of not being able to go back on stage. This exceptional artist that she was had in a way dedicated her life to music. This, since his very first steps in this art which will have finally given him everything. Her fans are on their side confident in the fact that she takes the trouble each time to give them news of her. As bitter as life can be, the singer still holds out hope. Of course supported by all those she loves.

As we told you a little earlier in this article, Françoise Hardy had devoted almost her entire life to music. She had also started learning the song from an early age. A situation that had to do with the difficult childhood she had. Having taken refuge in listening to songs on the radio, she ended up developing this talent for music that she still has today.

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