Princess Leonor and her sister supported by King Felipe and Queen Letizia at an event in Catalonia

Princess Leonor and her sister supported by King Felipe and Queen Letizia at an event in Catalonia

This Monday, Princess Leonor is at the center of attention in Catalonia. The Princess of Asturias and Girona can count on the unwavering support of her sister, the Infanta Sofia, but also of her parents. Queen Letizia made tender gestures towards her daughters during their meeting with young beneficiaries of a program of the Princess of Girona Foundation.

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The tender gesture of Queen Letizia towards her daughters in Barcelona

On Sunday, Princess Leonor, 16, and Infanta Sofia, 15, went alone to the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, where an event organized by the Princess of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) was taking place. The event took place in Figueras, 30 km from Girona, a city in which the royal family is not welcome, since the Catalan independence mayor took over the town hall.

The heiress to the throne, among her many titles, notably bears that of Princess of Asturias and that of Princess of Girona. Two foundations exist in the name of these titles. The two foundations award prizes throughout the year, an opportunity for Leonor to get involved publicly during the award ceremonies.

Infanta Sofia and Princess Leonor met young people who have benefited from a program of her foundation (Photo: GTres/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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Princess Leonor includes her sister in events organized by her foundation

This Monday, it was at the Petit Palais d’Albéniz, the residence of the royal family during their stays in Barcelona, ​​that a small event took place on the sidelines of the award ceremony of the Princess of Asturias Foundation which will take place later in the day.

Queen Letizia made affectionate gestures towards her daughters during this public event at the Petit Palais d’Albéniz (Photo: GTres/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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As often during this type of event, Princess Leonor includes her sister, the Infanta Sofia. The two teenagers were installed in the garden with young recipients of the Princess of Girona Foundation awards from previous years. King Felipe and Queen Letizia stood behind their daughters. Queen Letizia made tender gestures towards Leonor and Sofia, placing her hands on their shoulders to signify her presence.

During this event, a coding workshop was given to these young people who themselves intend to learn to code. The three women in the family wore summer dresses. Queen Letizia wore a new ecru dress from COS. As usual during the summer, Letizia, Leonor and Sofia wore rope platform sandals.

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