she found her companion in bed with her best friend

she found her companion in bed with her best friend


Every Monday, episodes of Married at First Sight are in full swing on M6. A couple particularly marked the spirits. These are the candidates Cyndie and Jauffrey who entered the show a few weeks ago. The former swimming champion and equally athletic beautician were 76% compatible and got married under the eyes of tender viewers.

It must be said that Cyndie has not always been happy in love. “In my romantic relationships, I was so wrong. I’m really not never come across good boys. It was catastrophe on disaster, she confided in the show. The good humor and the big smile of the pretty brunette could hardly give a glimpse of the treason experienced in the past. In fact, the candidate lived the horror after discovering her boyfriend in bed with her best friend.

MAPR: a chaotic romantic past

The young woman confided in this painful episode. ” I have found my boyfriend with his best friend in our apartment… In my room. Really, I don’t know how to find someone good for me”, she shared with emotion. And that’s not all ! Cindye also gave her confidence to a man who was leading a double vie. A difficult past that has many moved the television viewers.

They were also able to discover the beautiful Jauffrey. A swimming enthusiast who lives in Marseille and who united with Cyndie during the show. Their complicity had marked the viewers during their marriage as well as their honeymoon. Unfortunately, on June 20, the two candidates shared the results of their relationship. And this one is not all pink!

The balance sheet episode surprised many viewers. After discovering their wedding scrapbooknot without emotion, Cyndie and Jauffrey were able to exchange with Estelle Dossin et Pascal de Sutter, the show’s experts. ” I thought he wasn’t too interested in me.“, dropped the pretty brunette. Unexpected words for Jauffrey who thought everything was fine. ” I didn’t expect this from my wedding. I expected a little more loving complicity. I quickly felt in a couple of two-three years“, she clarified.

Cyndie and Jauffrey, a mixed relationship

Cyndie also blamed Jauffrey for her lifestyle. She explained that she was ” entrance to a teenager’s apartment when she visited her husband. According to her, the place where she lives reflected the image of someone who is not ready to start a family. « I’m offended, it hurts me“Reacted Jauffrey in front of the camera. In the end, the two candidates made the decision to divorce. They therefore removed their wedding rings and laid them before the experts.

If Cyndie didn’t find love on the show, she also turned against the production of the program. It was after watching the review episode that she decided to speak out by denouncing the editing of Married at first sight. The candidate spoke on Sunday June 19, 2022 during a question-and-answer session on Instagram. ” A lot of things I don’t like about the montages, there are a lot of liess. There are a lot of things that the production didn’t show, I don’t know why”, she explained. Reproaches similar to those made by other candidates such as Caroline, Élodie and Joachim.

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