Tarn: everything you need to know before going to the Pause Guitare festival

Tarn: everything you need to know before going to the Pause Guitare festival


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For a week, Albi will live to the rhythm of the Pause Guitare festival. We explain how to get around, park, eat, take advantage of free concerts. Overview.

Let’s go for a week of music and celebration. While the Pause Guitare festival starts this evening in the bars, we expect a lot of people between Wednesday and Sunday around the big stage of Pratgraussal, the one that will welcome the headliners. We will have to manage the traffic of all these little people who will access the site by two entrances. The first at the Pratgraussals leisure centre. The second by rue de la Mothe. Do not panic. 1300 volunteers will be mobilized throughout this week to make this happen as well as possible.

Displacement side

If you live in Albi, the easiest way is to come on foot. It will take you about a quarter of an hour from the city center. Let’s not forget the bike or motorbike which are lucky enough to have dedicated and secure parking on the Pratgraussals site.

For cars, it’s more complicated. Except for the volunteers, the organization and the VIPs, it is no longer possible to park at the leisure centre. You will have to take the direction of the old Pelissier power station. There, free shuttles will take you a few dozen meters from the entrance. This will be the only solution, if you decide to come by car.

Buses departing from 35 towns in the department

Another means of travel can be very interesting. The festival makes buses available in 35 municipalities in the department, but also in Rodez and Toulouse, to go to the festival. The cost is only 4 euros return. It’s practical, ecological, inexpensive and it works very well. The stated objective of the festival is to reduce the carbon footprint. The only constraint is that you have to book your ticket.

You can also, in an original way, come to the festival by barge, which will drop you off at Pratgraussals. The only downside is that only the outward journey is insured, not the return. The barge is not authorized to sail at night.
The gates open every evening at 5:30 p.m. for a first concert at 7 p.m. Remember that you can buy your ticket at the last moment, at the entrance to the site. A tent is specifically dedicated to that.

No cash on site

For those who come for the first time, be aware that it is not possible to pay in cash on the site. Like many festivals in France, Pause Guitare has opted for a “cashless” system (without cash cash, in English), which centralizes collection and thus limits the risk of theft.

How, then, to buy a good sandwich or a cold beer? It’s quite simple. You need to head to one of the tents where it says Cashless. There, a volunteer will give you a card, which you can recharge as the festival progresses using your bank card.

The festival is also the Off

Be careful, because Guitar Pause is not only Pratgraussals. There are also dozens of free concerts and entertainment on the Place du Vigan and the National Garden from Tuesday to Sunday.

As an appetizer, starting this evening, you can stroll from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. to savor the performances of 8 groups in 8 different bars (Café de la préfecture, Le Pontié, Le cozy, le 14.80, le Chien rouge, O’ Sullys, The Speakeasy and The Blue Bed). Music again during the week with the Magyd Cherfi prize at the Athanor, the Québécopholies, concerts at the Grand Théâtre. What to find his happiness throughout this week. Happy festival!

An eco-responsible festival

Pause Guitare has always had an eco-responsible approach in its genes, illustrated in particular by the use of short circuits for the food and drinks offered on the site.

This year, the festival wanted to accelerate. Already, as in 2019, cars will not have access to the Pratgraussals base. They will have to park further away, on the Pelissier site. 35 buses will be available to festival-goers throughout the Tarn but also in Toulouse and Rodez to reduce carbon impact. Thanks to the EcoChouet system, the waste produced at the festival will be collected, treated and recycled in the appropriate channels. A tent will even be set up to raise public awareness.

The objective in a few years is to achieve zero waste, but also to take into account the energy spent by the lights, without forgetting the management of water. To continue on this path, Pause Guitare even offers a carpooling site to come to Albi. More information on www.pauseguitare.net

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