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the confidences of Sandy from “Married at first sight”


INTERVIEW – Like four other couples formed during season 6 of the M6 ​​romance program, Sandy and Alexandre quickly divorced. The school teacher goes back in detail on her experience.

We had to wait for the eighth of the thirteen episodes of “Married at first sight” to discover the experience lived by Sandy with Alexandre, estimated to be 77% compatible by the experts of the M6 ​​program. Between the 32-year-old school teacher and the 40-year-old telephony business manager, the current quickly passed and their complicity was visible to everyone from their wedding ceremony in Gibraltar. It was on their return to France, after a honeymoon near Gijon in Spain, that their relationship weakened over the days until their decision to divorce.

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LE FIGARO. – Why did you take the gamble of registering for “Married at first sight”?
Sandy. –
Two friends had sent me the link to take part in the casting. The first time, I didn’t really pay attention. And the second, I tried out of curiosity, I said to myself: why not? The production called me back very quickly, I answered a questionnaire, sent a short video of myself before going to Marseille to participate in various workshops.

When did you call on Laurent, a former participant in season 2?
He was completely unaware of my registration initially. The production only became aware of our friendship when I filled in the names of my wedding witnesses. We have been friends with Laurent for fifteen years, people may have thought that he had boosted me for the show when not at all.

Other rumors claimed that Laurent is one of your exes…
No way. I was married for eight years to one of Laurent’s best high school friends and we got to know each other that way. They are still very good friends by the way and that would certainly not be the case if anything had happened between Laurent and me! (Laughs.)

“I am something other than someone hypersensitive”

Sandy from “Married at First Sight”

What was your love history like before ‘Married at First Sight’?

I had two great stories. From my 18 to 25 years with my first husband on the one hand, it was a marriage of convenience. We were still very young, we didn’t necessarily know what we wanted, but I was with a very beautiful person. And on the other hand a relationship of five years at the opposite extreme with only passion and not at all reason. We had nothing in common, neither the values ​​nor the mode of operation.

What were your first impressions on discovering Alexandre in Gibraltar?
He’s a very handsome person, but I didn’t fully realize it at the time because I was in shock about the context of this marriage. I liked it and was looking forward to taking the time to get to know it better. I was happy to see that the families got along well, it was important.

Before saying yes, Alexandre informed you that he had three children…
This is news that would have made a lot of people think, but I didn’t bat an eyelid when I heard it. I didn’t make that pout at all that we saw in the episode, it was a montage. I had no hesitation or questioning about it.

The subject of your hypersensitivity comes up throughout the story of your experience, was it as important as that?
She had an influence on my story with Alexandre but, for all that, I am something other than someone hypersensitive. The production of “Married at first sight” likes to focus on a character trait or an experience to tell their story. For Alicia, it was her car accident. For Damien, it was his father’s illness. Alexandre was the father of three children from two different women and I was the hypersensitive Sandy. It is part of us but it was only a part of our life or our personality.

Emotionally, how did you approach this very special marriage?
I didn’t really feel any stress until I found myself behind the curtain before discovering Alexandre. I realized I was in Gibraltar, my whole family was there and I was going to marry a guy I had never seen in my life! (Laughs.) I had a rush of stress for five seconds, but as soon as the curtain opened, I saw the happy families and things were going well with Alexandre, I relaxed.

“The production had assured us that everyone would have the same time on M6 and that was not the case at all”

Sandy from “Married at First Sight”

Was your father’s absence hard on you?

He’s a very sensitive person too and it was better that he wasn’t there. Today, he is having a hard time with every criticism that has been aimed at me since the broadcast, so it’s good that he himself is not the object of these attacks. I know that if my marriage had worked, we would have done something all together in his presence.

Was Estelle Dossin’s intervention with you during the wedding banquet useful?
It was quite insightful to tell me that I had to express my feelings more with Alexandre, especially after his song. It turns out that what I was able to tell him, he had perceived by himself. The images shown of me while he sang his title to me do not reflect reality, I was not turning my head right and left. I’m someone who listens to the lyrics of the songs and I didn’t take my eyes off him, I was focused on what he was saying. I was very touched.

Had you thought about how you were going to approach the intimate moments of this first day with your husband?
I knew I was going to take the time to get to know him. I wasn’t going to throw myself body and soul into thinking he was the man of my life. I saw myself taking the time to get to know him as it would happen in real life with someone you had just met with the idea in mind, of course, that he should be more like me. And above all take the time to discover each other once, without the cameras.

Your story only aired from the eighth episode of “Married at First Sight” with reduced airtime compared to other couples…
The production had assured us that everyone would have the same time on M6 and that was not the case at all. A lot of things about my story with Alexander weren’t shown like our discussions in the car between the wedding and the banquet. Even in our portraits! Nobody knows that I have been married before… There are also the sequences of my dress fittings which were particularly moving, Alexandre’s costume fittings, our photo shoot, the announcement of Alexandre’s wedding to his parents, to my mom coming into my room to give me a bracelet and all the “what happened to them?” where we comment on the images of our experience with a loved one. No one knows what has become of us! (Laughs.) On the set of “The Reunion”, we were the only ones with Frédérick not to have a lapel microphone. We have been pushed aside…

All these missing sequences harm the understanding of your story…
I called the producer on the first episode, who replied that they didn’t have enough material to work on, that we hadn’t been close enough from the start and that we hadn’t argued with each other either. We were just too normal, reasonable and reasoned to be on the show. It annoys me that people don’t understand what happened between me and Alexandre. In the episodes, in short, I’m hypersensitive, Alexandre can’t stand it, he tells me one day that I’m his guest, I take it badly, I leave and it’s over. But in reality, it didn’t happen like that at all.

“I decided to go live alone in Canada”

Sandy from “Married at First Sight”

We have the impression that your story is cracking because of a story of dishes…

Besides, I don’t like to do the dishes! (Laughs.) You should know that Alexandre lives in a 40 m² apartment and welcomes his sons every other week. He sleeps with them in the same bed. So welcoming a woman who really wants to be in a relationship with him seems complicated to me. The day of this story of the dishes, we had lunch together at his place, he left everything in the sink and that’s when he told me that I am his guest so I don’t have to worry about it. to occupy. Then we walked all afternoon in his village. On returning, all the rooms were occupied by the film crews, the cameraman in the bedroom, the journalist on the terrace and the manager in the bathroom. There was nowhere to land, he wanted to do the dishes and I offered him my help again. But he refused.

Did you really leave because of that?
In reality, I just left his apartment to call a girlfriend and then came back. I didn’t take my car home. We even had an aperitif with his two friends the same evening. I was annoyed by this incident because it came on top of other tensions and misunderstandings between us, I had the feeling for a while that I had no place in his life and that he did not wasn’t ready to give me one. For me, he was not yet completely recovered from his previous marriage, especially since his ex-wife was also hypersensitive…

Paradoxically, during the assessment in front of the experts, you decided to stay married…
After I came to his place, Alexandre clearly told me that it wasn’t going to work out between us. The production insisted that I still receive him at home and that I perform a pole dance number for him when we had just separated. Our conversation at the table where he tells me he doesn’t want someone hypersensitive who asks him too many questions when I need someone who listens to my questions sums up our story. We separated mid-November and divorced some time later. But we kept good contacts.

Have you managed to turn the page of this experience of “Married at first sight”?
I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping for something else. But it’s still a good experience that made me grow. I’m coming to a turning point in my life since I decided to go live alone in Canada from August 12, I don’t know for how long. I have a two-year contract in Montreal as a school teacher, I can leave before its term as well as continue beyond. I will let myself be guided by the moment. I know that at 33, I want a family life and to have children. I want to move forward.

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